Narration Change of Imperative Sentence 100+ Example

Narration change of imperative sentence [Direct and Indirect Speech] Narration change of imperative sentence is very easy matter if you know some rules of narration change or follow the right step. I have presented the rules step by step so that the readers can learn it after going through the article one time. Finally, I […]

Rules For Direct and Indirect Speech (Basic to Advanced)

 Basic Rules of Narration Change Rules For Direct and Indirect Speech  Some rules are mandatory for all types of sentences at the time of narration change. The rules are below. How to identify direct and indirect speech How to identify “Reporting Verb” and “Reported Speech” How to identify “Sentence” Change words or phrases [Direct to […]

Voice Change of Verbal Noun 10+ Example

Voice Change of Verbal Noun (Active and Passive) Voice Change of Verbal Noun  The verbal noun means verb+ing that works as a noun in a sentence. If we find a verbal noun in an active voice, we have to use “Being” after the object and then the past participle form of the verbal noun. Rule […]

Voice Change of Complex Sentence 15+ Example

Voice Change of Complex Sentence  Voice Change of Complex Sentence has been discussed here. We have presented two methods. Both methods are easy. You can follow anyone. What is a complex sentence? A complex sentence is a sentence having more than one subject/doer, a finite verb subordinating conjunction. You will buy mangoes when you will […]

Voice Change of Interrogative Sentences in Details

Voice Change of Interrogative Sentences Voice change of interrogative sentences is not very difficult if you can change the voice of affirmative sentences and know the basic rules of voice change. The sentences with which we ask the question is called interrogative sentence. Kind of interrogative sentences Interrogative sentences are two kinds. Yes/No or without […]

Joining with Nominative Absolute in simple way

Joining of sentences using Nominative Absolute Definition of Nominative Absolute A nominative absolute is a noun phrase. It begins or ends a sentence. There is no grammatical connection with the rest of the sentence. Most nominative absolutes contain a participle that modifies the noun or pronoun. Joining with Nominative Absolute If we notice that after completing a […]


Write a paragraph on “Dowry System” in about 150 words in English. DOWRY SYSTEM Dowry means money and properties are taken from the family of the bride by the husband when they marry. The Dowry system has been deeply rooted in our society it is disgrace to our social life. Earlier the custom of dowry […]

Importance of Yoga/ Benefits of Yoga

Paragraph on “Importance of Yoga/ Benefits of Yoga” For Students Write a paragraph in English (in about 120 words) on the Importance of Yoga or Benefits of Yoga. IMPORTANCE OF YOGA/ BENEFITS OF YOGA Yoga is a technique where a combination of breathing exercises and meditation is combined in the right proportion. Yoga basically works […]

The Person I Admire The Most/ My Favourite Person

Paragraph Writing on the person I admire the most / My Favourite Person in English THE MAN YOU ADMIRE MOST OR /MY FAVOURITE PERSON India has produced a galaxy of great men. All of them are worthy of our admiration and respect. But the man I admire most is Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. He was […]


Write a paragraph in about 200 words on “Swachh Bharat Aviyan” in English. SWACHH BHARAT AVIYAN Narendra Modi, the honorable prime minister of India had launched a noble campaign “The Swachh Bharat Aviyan” or cleaning India Mission on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary on 2nd October in 2014. He inspires the countrymen to […]