8 Key Tips to Improve Essay Writing

Essay writing is amongst the most underrated gems of academic writing. That’s because whoever masters this ultimately masters the art of organizing researched data and thoughts in a human-friendly manner. But if your essay often lacks this behaviour, this indicates that you need better writing skills. And that’s what this article will cover.

In this blog post, we’ll simplify the art of improving your essay writing by sharing eight of the most effective and essential tips. So, without wasting any time, let’s delve in.

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8 Key Tips to Improve Essay Writing

1. Understand the Idea or Concept of Your Essay

One of the first tips that can help you improve your essay writing is to understand the idea or concept of your essay. And by understanding, we mean analyzing the following:

  • What is required from your topic? (Requirements)
  • What are the objectives of your topic? (Objectives)

So, you can achieve these things by paying attention to the main keyword of your essay.

But besides the things mentioned above, we also recommend focusing on the instructions of your essay. That’s because, being an academic task, the instructions for each essay will be different. So, understand them before writing because doing so will help you better meet your audience’s expectations, resulting in better-written essays.

2. Perform Thorough Research

You may already know that research is crucial in any writing task. And essay writing is not an exception to this claim. But if you’re reading the article to improve your essay writing, this means your research skills need modification and improvement. Therefore, our second tip for you is to conduct thorough research on your topic.

When it comes to researching the data for any topic, people generally use Google’s search results. But this strategy should only be your starting point, specifically in the case of essays. Therefore, besides the search engine’s results, we recommend exploring the following sources:

  • Academic journals.
  • Books
  • Reputable websites.
  • Scholarly articles.

During research, if you get some relevant data from any of these resources, you should instantly note it and add its reference to a bibliography. This way, your essay will not contain any uncited references. And as a result, you won’t fall prey to accidental or unintentional plagiarism.

Note: During the research phase, you can also look at some already published, well-written essays on a similar topic to better understand how essays are written.

3. Organize Your Thoughts and Research Data

Coherence and logical flow between various ideas inside an essay form the foundation of a well-written essay. However, you can only add these characteristics to your essay if you’ve correctly planned the outline before beginning the writing phase. Therefore, the third tip that will help you form a high-quality essay is the organization of the researched data and your thoughts.

But how can you organize such things? Well, the answer to this question lies in creating an outline. So, we recommend focusing on the following things:

  • Main points you want to address.
  • Supporting evidence.
  • The overall structure of your essay.

This way, you can create a roadmap for your essay. And that roadmap will ultimately help you stay on track and make the entire writing process smoother.

4. Structure Your Essay Effectively

If the structure of your essay looks jumbled, people won’t bother checking its content. Therefore, another tip that can help you improve your essay writing is to focus on its structure. And by that, we mean implementing the following strategies:

  • Divide the entire content into various headings, such as introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

Note: Speaking of introduction, hooking the readers in the introductory part is essential. Doing so will set the tone for the rest of the essay.

  • Each paragraph of your essay should have a clear topic sentence. Here is an example of a clear topic sentence:

8 Key Tips to Improve Essay Writing

  • Use transitional phrases or words to flow smoothly between multiple ideas inside your essay. Here is a picture that demonstrates the use of transitional phrases or words to create a better flow in your essay:

8 Key Tips to Improve Essay Writing

Thus, with the help of the strategies mentioned above, you can keep the structure of your essay clean. And a clean structure will increase the likelihood of a more readable essay.

5. Develop a Strong Thesis Statement

A thesis statement in an essay is as important as keyword research in SEO because it serves as the backbone. Therefore, the fifth essential tip of this article is to focus on developing a strong thesis statement for your essay.

But how can you create a perfect thesis statement? Well, the answer to this question lies in the following strategies:

  • Align your thesis statement with your essay’s instructions, requirements, or objectives.
  • Use the researched data to identify the existing material and craft your unique stance on your essay’s topic.
  • Don’t forget to support your thesis statement with proper evidence.
  • Keep the content of your thesis statement concise and arguable.

Here is an example of a thesis statement created with the help of these strategies:

8 Key Tips to Improve Essay Writing

Thus, by creating a strong thesis statement, you will provide your readers with a central point of reference, which means the readability of your essay’s content will improve.

6. Write in a Clear and Simple Language

As mentioned in the previous point, a strong thesis statement can increase the essay’s readability. But that increase in readability will only help the start portion of the essay. So, what about readability for the rest of the essay? That’s where the use of simple and clear language will come in handy.

While writing the content for your essay, we recommend using clear and simple language. This means that instead of using complex sentences and unnecessary jargon, try to coherently express the ideas in your essay with the help of simple and clear wording. And besides, we recommend focusing on using relevant examples and evidence (where possible) to support your discussion. But often, humans have trouble writing in an unjumbled manner.

So, if that’s your issue, you can convert your essay’s unclear or complex sentences into simple ones using modern-day AI rephrasing tools. Such tools can effectively rephrase sentences for better clarity and readability. They replace different words with their most suitable simple synonyms and sometimes restructure sentences for uniqueness as well. This will help you write essays in a clear and effective manner.

7. Revise and Edit With a Fresh Eye

Even if you’ve written the entire essay, there will be some areas that need improvement. But how can you identify those areas? Well, the answer to this question lies in seeking feedback and revising your essay accordingly, which is the seventh key tip of this article..

Don’t finalize your essay after writing it because it will have a lot of areas that can be improved. So, in order to identify those areas, we recommend seeking constructive feedback from an expert.

Once you’ve modified your essay according to the feedback, we recommend performing a final check on its grammatical structure, punctuation and spelling. And for that, you can use any AI writing assistant or online grammar-checking tools. But just to show you how such a tool can help identify grammatical, punctuation and spelling mistakes in content, we’ll take assistance on Grammarcheck here because of the following reasons:

  1. Its accuracy.
  2. Its free of cost availability.

Thus, upon inserting a text with spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors in the tool, here is how it has helped us:

8 Key Tips to Improve Essay Writing

It highlights all the grammar errors in our content and also provides the best suitable suggestion for correction. So, that’s why you should always use an accurate writing assistant or grammar checker to help you identify the mistakes in your content before submission.

8. Don’t Forget to Cite the References

As we’ve briefly specified in the second point, your essay must not contain any uncited references. Otherwise, it can result in plagiarism. Therefore, the last tip of this article is to check whether you’ve cited all the sources.

For instance, as we’ve advised earlier, create a reference list from where you’re collecting data for your essay. So, you can use that list to ensure you’ve cited all the sources. But that’s not enough, as you also need to mention the sources of your essay according to the citation style specified in the instructions or used in your institute. For instance, some of the most common citation styles used in writing are as follows:

  • APA
  • IEEE
  • MLA.
  • Chicago/Turabian.

Thus, by mentioning your citations correctly and double-checking all the cited references, you can ensure your essay’s quality stays top-notch.


By implementing the eight essential tips discussed in the above article, you can significantly enhance the quality of your essay writing. But remember, it’s necessary to practice and dedicate some regular time to master these tips. Otherwise, discussing these tips from the theoretical perspective will do no good.

However, once you’ve mastered them, you’ll produce well-crafted essays that engage and impress your readers. So, take advantage of these tips and see your essay-writing skills increase!

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