Write a dialogue between two friends about the awareness of the novel Coronavirus/[COVID-19]

Rahul: Hey Rangbir, where are you going?  Rangbir: Strange, you. I am going to market to buy some vegetables. Rahul: I think you know about COVID-19. But why are you wandering without  musk? Rangbir: Yes. I know. But it is not serious to me. Rahul: Rangbir, you are making a big mistake. COVID-19 has broken […]

Dialogue Writing

Write a dialogue between two friends discussing their hobbies. Ranjan: Hey, kamal what’re you doing there? Kamal: come here and see my garden. Ranjan: O, how beautiful it! Is gardening your hobby? Kamal: Yea. It’s my hobby. I work in the garden in the morning and afternoon. I’ve planted some flower trees which are nor […]

Tips and tricks for dialogue writing

Writing dialogue has some rules which are very essential to obey. The rules have been given below. 1.Think over the topic and arrange the ideas in a logical order. 2. Use contracted form. 3. Use minor and short sentence. 4. Use expression- thank you, sure, yes, oh god, excuse me etc. 5. The language should […]

A Dialogue Between Two Friends Talking About The Student’s Joining in Politics

Write a dialogue between two friends talking about the student’s joining in politics. Raktim: Vanu, where had you been for a week? I did not meet with you in the field. Vanu: Don’t you know that election is knocking at the door? I was busy campaigning for our candidate in the village. Raktim: Have you […]

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