Example of Third Conditional Sentences [30]

Third Conditional sentence expresses such as situations that can not exist. The actions and events that happened in the past. These are often used to indicate a missed opportunity. I have given 30 examples of third conditional sentences below. The rules of third conditional sentences: These types of conditional┬ásentences are formed using the┬áPast Perfect Tense […]

Example of Second Conditional Sentences [30]

The second conditional sentence describes an unrealistic situation about the present or the future; an imaginary state that can only be fulfilled in theory. 30 examples of second conditional sentences have been given below. The Second conditional sentences are formed using the Past Indefinite Tense and the main clause is used according to the sense of the […]

Example of First Conditional Sentences

First conditional sentences are used to express the real and possible situations in the future. It is possible to fulfill the condition. The First conditional sentences are formed using the Present Indefinite Tense to tell something and the main clause is used according to the sense of the sentences. The structure for the first conditional is: If […]

All Conditional Sentences in Details

All conditional sentences in English in details Conditional sentences are very important english grammar. This lesson helpes us to write english sentences freely and speak fluently and understand the meaning of the english sentences. If we do not learn this lesson, our english will not be improved and developed. So I have highlighted all structures, […]

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