AUTUMN I am Autumn. I come after the rains. The months in which I come is basically September and go back at the end of November. I make the blue sky bathed in the sunshine. At night I make the sky filled with countless stars. The silver moon shines among them.  I decorate beauty of […]

My Favorite Poet Write a paragraph P.B.SHELLEY

my favorite poet in English literature  paragraph essay writing My Favorite Poet OR THE POET I LIKE MOST OR  P.B.SHELLEY I have read poems of many great Bengali and English poets. But it is a very hard job to say any name to be my favorite poet in English literature. Words Worth, Shelly, Keats, Byron, […]

The Rainy Season in West Bengal Essay

Paragraph Writing about The Rainy Season in West Bengal or Rainy season in Bengal The Rainy Season in West Bengal The rainy season is unique among the other seasons. So our world poet Rabindranath compared the rainy season to ‘Kshatriya. The season truly similarities a soldier’s advent. It captures the entire sky with a dark […]

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