The Cap Seller And The Monkeys 100 And 150+ Words

Write a short story on “The Cap Seller And The Monkeys” in about 170 words.   THE CAP SELLER AND THE MONKEYS A cap seller used to sell caps near villages and towns. One hot summer day he was going to a fair through a vast field. He felt very tired. He saw a banyan […]

The Poor Woodcutter and Water Goddess Short Story With Moral

The Poor WoodCutter and Water Goddess Short Story  The poor woodcutter and water Goddess the story is for class X and Xi. THE POOR WOOD-CUTTER AND THE WATER GODDESS Once upon a time, a poor woodcutter lived in a small village. Every day he used to go to the nearby forest to cut firewood. He […]

The Clever Rabbit and The Foolish Lion Story

Write a short story about a little rabbit and a big lion in English. CLEVER RABBIT AND THE FOOLISH LION Once upon a time, a lion used to kill many animals in the forest daily. That is why one day all the animals of the forest called a meeting. They decided that they would send […]