Report On The Covid Awareness Campaign

Write a report on the seminar on ‘Novel Coronavirus Awareness’ among the students organized by your school. The report will be published in your school magazine. Report On The Covid Awareness Campaign This report writing is about 300 words.   Seminar on ‘Novel Coronavirus Awareness’ Manoj Dutta Class-XII XYZ School 22 January 2022 A seminar […]

200th Birth Anniversary of Vidyasagar [Report Writing]

I have written a report on the 200th Birth Anniversary of Vidyasagar for the purpose of the students and teachers. At first, I have written the question based on the topic. If the students read the question, they will get an idea about the question pattern. After that, I have given some points so that […]

125th Netaji Birthday Celebration Report Writing

Observation of Netaji Birthday Report Writing  Welcome to the Digital English blog. 125th Netaji Birthday Celebration has been presented by the writer of digital English for the students of class 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and others. At first, I have mentioned the question related to the topic. You may get such types of questions […]

Report Writing Format About Programme All in one

All in one Report Writing Format about Programme, Celebration and Function Digital English has prepared a wonderful report writing format and presented it with PDF in this blog. The students can write above 25 reports writing on different topics with the help of this report writing format. After describing the report the name of the […]

Firecrackers Ban Report Writing for Competitive Exam

Write a newspaper report on a ban of firecrackers in about 200 words. Calcutta High Court banned using and selling of firecrackers By a staff reporter Calcutta, November 16: The Calcutta High court ordered a ban on the sale and use of all kinds of firecrackers on Thursday (November 5) on the occasion of Kali […]

Write report on all type storm with one format for W.B.S.I, P.S.C, I.C.D.I, Madhyamik and H.S

Report writing about cyclone/amphan/storm all in one format for W.B.S.I, P.S.C, I.C.D.I, Madhyamik and H.S [WRITE A HEADING (in capital letter)] By name/xyz Kolkata, May 28:  A devastating [Name of the storm] struck the vast area of [Name of the affected place]   yesterday at about [Time].The wind was blowing [Measure of speed] km. per hour. […]

Write all report on flood with one format for W.B.S.I, P.S.C, I.C.D.I, Madhyamik and H.S

Report Writing format on flood for W.B.S.I, P.S.C, I.C.D.I, Madhyamik and H.S [WRITE A HEADING (in capital letter)] By Name/XYZ KERALA, AUGUST 09: An unprecedented flood ravaged [Number of districts]districts of [Name of state] in the month of [Name of the month]. At least [Number of dead] people lost their lives, many more were reported […]


A MASSIVE FIRE IN COVID-19 CENTER BY THE STAFF REPORTER KOLKATA, AUGUST 10: A massive fire broke out at Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh at 5 a.m on Sunday. The fire caught in a hotel which was being used as COVID-19 center. At first the fire caught at fourth floor in the center’s lobby and spread […]


AIR INDIA PLANE CRASH KILLED 18 BY THE STAFF REPORTER KERALA, August 09 : An Air India Express flight crash-landed at Kerala’s Kozhikode airport around 7.40 pm on Friday. The Air India Express plane had left for Kozhikode in Kerala from Dubai with 191 passengers. The plane’s wheel slipped/skidded due to heavy rain after landing […]