Chilly Chicken Processing Writing 100 Words

Write a paragraph (in about 100 words) on how chilly chicken is prepared at home Chilly Chicken Processing Writing (Paragraph) for Madhyamik Points of Chilly Chicken Processing Writing Buying boneless chicken _____ washing ______ soaking them in lemon juice and salt ______ adding cornflower baking powder, egg, soya sauce ______ frying chicken pieces _______ heating […]

Tomato Jelly Processing Writing 100 Words

Write a paragraph (Within 100 words) on how Tomato Jelly is prepared with the help of the following hints.  Tomato Jelly Processing Writing (Paragraph) for Madhyamik.  Points for Tomato Jelly Processing Writing Introduction _____ tomatoes bought from the market ______ sorted ____cleaned ____ juice extracted ____ boiled for half and hour ____ sugar and chili […]

Potato Chips Processing Writing 100 Words

Write a paragraph on how potato chips are prepared  Potato Chips Processing Writing (Paragraph) for Madhyamik Hints of Potato Chips Processing Writing  Potato ________ collected ________ sorted ________ cleaned ________ cut into round pieces salt and spices added ________ dried ________ packed and labeled ________ ready for sale. Preparation of Potato Chips Potato chips are […]

Omelet Processing Writing About 100 Words

Write a paragraph on how egg-omelet is prepared at home. (100 Words) Omelet Processing Writing (Paragraph) in about 100 Words  You can write a paragraph easily using the hints. Hints of omelet processing writing  Collect the necessary utensils like a frying pan ___ take an egg ____ to whisk the egg with pinched onion and […]

Processing Writing How To Make A Mask

The Processing Writing How to Make a mask For Madhyamik Processing Writing How to make a mask Hints: Collecting cotton fabric, elastic, needle, thread and scissors- cut out to 10 by 6-inch cotton fabric in rectangular shape- fold over the sides ¼ inch and – insert an elastic of 6-inch tie the loops- ready to […]

Hand Sanitizer Processing Writing For The Students

Hand Sanitizer Processing Writing with 3 Samples Hand Sanitizer Processing Writing Hints: Collecting aloe vera gel- rubbing or isopropyl alcohol- hydrogen peroxide, distilled water, and essential oil- pouring the solution into a clean bowl- mixing properly with a spoon- string well- adding few drops of essential oil for a nice fragrance – ready for use- […]