Chilly Chicken Processing Writing 100 Words

Write a paragraph (in about 100 words) on how chilly chicken is prepared at home Chilly Chicken Processing Writing (Paragraph) for Madhyamik Points of Chilly Chicken Processing Writing Buying boneless chicken _____ washing ______ soaking them in lemon juice and salt ______ adding cornflower baking powder, egg, soya sauce ______ frying chicken pieces _______ heating […]

Tomato Jelly Processing Writing 100 Words

Write a paragraph (Within 100 words) on how Tomato Jelly is prepared with the help of the following hints.  Tomato Jelly Processing Writing (Paragraph) for Madhyamik.  Points for Tomato Jelly Processing Writing Introduction _____ tomatoes bought from the market ______ sorted ____cleaned ____ juice extracted ____ boiled for half and hour ____ sugar and chili […]

Potato Chips Processing Writing 100 Words

Write a paragraph on how potato chips are prepared  Potato Chips Processing Writing (Paragraph) for Madhyamik Hints of Potato Chips Processing Writing  Potato ________ collected ________ sorted ________ cleaned ________ cut into round pieces salt and spices added ________ dried ________ packed and labeled ________ ready for sale. Preparation of Potato Chips Potato chips are […]

The Person I Admire The Most/ My Favourite Person

Paragraph Writing on the person I admire the most / My Favourite Person in English THE MAN YOU ADMIRE MOST OR /MY FAVOURITE PERSON India has produced a galaxy of great men. All of them are worthy of our admiration and respect. But the man I admire most is Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. He was […]


Write a paragraph in about 200 words on “Swachh Bharat Aviyan” in English. SWACHH BHARAT AVIYAN Narendra Modi, the honorable prime minister of India had launched a noble campaign “The Swachh Bharat Aviyan” or cleaning India Mission on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary on 2nd October in 2014. He inspires the countrymen to […]

The Cap Seller And The Monkeys 100 And 150+ Words

Write a short story on “The Cap Seller And The Monkeys” in about 170 words.   THE CAP SELLER AND THE MONKEYS A cap seller used to sell caps near villages and towns. One hot summer day he was going to a fair through a vast field. He felt very tired. He saw a banyan […]

Newspaper Report about Kidnapping

Write a newspaper report[in about 150 words] on a college girl kidnapped. A COLLEGE GIRL KIDNAPPED BY A STAFF REPORTER Kolkata, March 05: In a daring and sensational manner, a college girl, Rupali Barman, was kidnapped yesterday morning by four young men. When she was going to college, she was picked up from her car […]


Write a Paragraph on YOUR FAVOURITE TEACHER MY FAVOURITE TEACHER There are a number of teachers in the school. They teach us in different subjects. Among these teachers I like most sir Biplab Das our young and energetic English teacher. Firstly he is well educated like other teachers. He knows his subject well. Secondly Technique of […]

Story Writing A Greedy Dog And A Piece Of Meat

Write a story about a greedy dog and the shadow in English A Greedy Dog and The Shadow Once up on a time a greedy dog stole a piece of meat from a butcher shop. Going to a lonely place, he wished to eat the meat with delight. He found a bridge in way. When […]

Story writing “A Thirsty Crow” for Madhyamik Bengali to English with PDF

Write a story a bout “A Thirsty Crow” for all classes in English.[with PDF] A THIRSTY CROW Once upon a time a crow was very thirsty. It was summer and the sun was very scorching. He was flying here and there in search of a little water. He did not find water anywhere. At last […]

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