Voice Change of Complex Sentence 15+ Example

Voice Change of Complex Sentence 

Voice Change of Complex Sentence has been discussed here. We have presented two methods. Both methods are easy. You can follow anyone.

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What is a complex sentence?

A complex sentence is a sentence having more than one subject/doer, a finite verb subordinating conjunction.

You will buy mangoes when you will go to the market.

Voice Change of Complex Sentence

There are two ways to do voice change of complex sentences. I have shown the ways. If you read the example, you can understand the process.

Voice Change of Complex Sentence

There are two parts to a complex sentence. The first is the principal clause and the second is the subordinate clause. You have to change the active voice of the principal clause and subordinate clause into passive voice according to the situation.

15+ Example of Voice Change of Complex Sentence

Active: I know that she will sing a song.

Passive: That a song will be sung by her is known to me.


It is known to me that a song will be sung by her.

Active: They consider that he is honest.

Passive: It is considered by them that he is honest.

Active: You want that I welcome it.

Passive: That I welcome is wanted by you.

Active: She knows that the news is good.

Passive: That the news is good is known to her.

Active: They think that we will do the job.

Passive: That the job will be done by us is thought by them.

Active: People say that politics spoil the state.

Passive: That the state is spoiled by politics is said by people.

Active: They knew how we solved the problem.

Passive: How we solved the problem was known to them.

Active: I request you that you stop the bus.

Passive: The bus is stopped by you that you are requested by me.

Voice Change by Digital English

Active: I know that he did the work.

Passive: That the work was done by him is known to me.

Active: He told me that he would buy the car.

Passive: I was told by him /that the car would be bought by him.

Active: We know that Columbus discovered America.

Passive: That America was discovered by Columbus is known to us.

Active: I know that he will buy a mobile phone.

Passive: That a mobile phone will be bought by him is known to me.

Active: I said that he would give a book to Raktim.

Passive: That Raktim would be given a book by him was said by me.

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