Letter on how you are passing the days and time in Lockdown

Write a letter to your friend how you are spending time during lockdown.

Or Write a letter to your friend on how you are passing the days/time of Lockdown.

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South Dinajpur24

November 2020

My dear Sayan,

I received your letter yesterday. I am very happy to know that you are quite well now. In the previous letter, you had wanted to know how I am spending the days during lockdown. Now I am writing that.

You know that Lockdown had been started at the end of March. Now I am home quarantined like other students. I have made a daily routine in the lockdown.  Firstly I am doing some exercises in my room and on our roof in the morning daily so that I can keep myself fitness.  Secondly I am continuing my study through online. I am learning English and spoken English through some YouTube channels and Google. Thirdly, I am reading story books and newspaper. Fourthly, I have made a little garden on our roof and I am tendering the trees daily. Fifthly when I feel monotonous life I am watching movie on television and mobile phone. Sixthly without very important work I am not going outside our house. Seventhly I am using mask and sanitize regularly. In this way I am spending the days during lockdown period.

Please write me a letter how you are passing the days during this look down. Convey my respects and regards to your parents, please. I will be waiting for your letter anxiously.

Thanking you

Yours lovingly

Dinesh Sarkar

Sayan Dutta

English Bazar


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