The Clever Rabbit and The Foolish Lion Story

Write a short story about a little rabbit and a big lion in English.


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Once upon a time, a lion used to kill many animals in the forest daily. That is why one day all the animals of the forest called a meeting. They decided that they would send an animal to the lion as his meal daily so that the lion could not kill other animals on that day. They sent this proposal to the lion and he readily agreed to the proposal.

One day it was the rabbit’s turn to go to the lion. The rabbit was very clever. He hit upon a plan to kill the lion. He went to the lion very late. The lion became very angry to see the rabbit and said, “Why are you so late, I am very hungry?”  The rabbit said to the lion, “Forgive me.” Another lion tried to kill me on the way. Somehow I escaped from there. The lion said furiously, “Another lion?” In this forest? It is impossible. Then he wanted to see another lion. The rabbit took him near a well and told him to look into the well.

When he looked into the well he saw his own reflection and jumped over him. He drowned to death in the deep water of the well. The cleaver rabbit saved all the animals from the lion.

Moral: Wisdom is real knowledge.

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