Voice Change of Verbal Noun 10+ Example

Voice Change of Verbal Noun (Active and Passive)

Voice Change of Verbal Noun 

The verbal noun means verb+ing that works as a noun in a sentence.

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If we find a verbal noun in an active voice, we have to use “Being” after the object and then the past participle form of the verbal noun.

Rule of voice change

Subject + verb (Tense wise) + object + being + V3 (Past Participle form of verbal noun)

Active: I saw the feeding of the monkeys.

Passive: I saw the monkeys being fed.

But we can not change active voice into passive voice if the below-mentioned verbs are in the active sentence with the verbal nouns.

Voice Change of Verbal Noun
Voice Change of Verbal Noun

List of the verbs:

Die, appear, disappear, belong, despair, wonder, result, indulge, seem, happen, allude, occur, ensure, comprise, perish, issue.

10+ Examples of Voice Change

Active: I saw the loading of the truck.

Passive: I saw the truck being loaded.

Active: We saw the opening of the function.

Passive: We saw the function being opened.

Active: He saw the drawing of a picture.

Passive: He saw a picture being drawn.

Active: They saw the opening of the new shop.

Passive: They saw the new shop being opened.

Active: We saw the burning of the forest.

Passive: We saw the forest being burnt.

Active: A new law has been passed against the hunting of tigers.

Passive: A new law has been passed against the tigers being hunted.

Active: They heard the opening of the coaching center.

Passive: They heard the coaching center being opened.

Active: We enjoyed the winning of the match.

Passive: We enjoyed the match being won.

Active: The gardener noticed the plucking of flowers.

Passive: The gardener noticed the flowers being plucked.

Active: I observed the falling of fruits.

Passive: I observed the fruits being fallen.

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