The Cap Seller And The Monkeys 100 And 150+ Words

Write a short story on “The Cap Seller And The Monkeys” in about 170 words.   THE CAP SELLER AND THE MONKEYS A cap seller used to sell caps near villages and towns. One hot summer day he was going to a fair through a vast field. He felt very tired. He saw a banyan […]

The Poor Woodcutter and Water Goddess Short Story With Moral

The poor WoodCutter and Water Goddess Short Story  The poor woodcutter and water Goddess the story is for class X and Xi. THE POOR WOOD-CUTTER AND THE WATER GODDESS Once upon a time, a poor woodcutter lived in a small village. Every day he used to go to the nearby forest to cut firewood. He […]

The Clever Rabbit and The Foolish Lion Story

Write a short story about a little rabbit and a big lion in English. CLEVER RABBIT AND THE FOOLISH LION Once upon a time, a lion used to kill many animals in the forest daily. That is why one day all the animals of the forest called a meeting. They decided that they would send […]

Story Writing A Greedy Dog And A Piece Of Meat

Write a story about a greedy dog and the shadow in English A Greedy Dog and The Shadow Once up on a time a greedy dog stole a piece of meat from a butcher shop. Going to a lonely place, he wished to eat the meat with delight. He found a bridge in way. When […]

Story writing “A Thirsty Crow” for Madhyamik Bengali to English with PDF

Write a story a bout “A Thirsty Crow” for all classes in English.[with PDF] A THIRSTY CROW Once upon a time a crow was very thirsty. It was summer and the sun was very scorching. He was flying here and there in search of a little water. He did not find water anywhere. At last […]


STORY WRITING TIPS AND TRICKS FOR ALL CLASSES STORY WRITING Story  সম্পর্কে প্রথমেই বলি যে Report, Notice, Letter ও Pragraph এর মতো একটা Format  দিয়ে অনেক Story লেখা সম্ভব নয় ,কারণ প্রতিটি গল্পের বিভিন্ন রকম বৈশিষ্ট্য থাকে,গল্পের মটিভ থাকে, পরিবেশ ও হয় আলাদা এবং গল্পের সমাপ্তি ও ব্যতিকরম নয়।যদি আমরা একটা Format-কে ব্যবহার করি তাহলে […]


A FARMER AND HIS SON Long long ago a farmer lived in a certain village. He was very intelligent by nature. But his sons were very idled away precious time in gossiping and playing .They practically did nothing good. They made the farmer unhappy. One day he fell seriously ill and thought his death was […]


Story must be written in past tense. A title/heading will be written and all letters of the title or heading should be capitalized. Use phrases and idioms such as once upon a time /one day/long long ago etc. The starting of the story should be attractive so that the readers are interested to read the-whole […]

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