Earthquake Report Writing Format And 3 Samples

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Earthquake Report Writing has been given to all the students to write numerous “Earthquake Report Writing”. Just fill in the blanks with the correct information. You can read the samples and practice report writing. Most of the time report is written in the past tense. The report must be written in a single paragraph. Perhaps you will find that I have used more than one paragraph in some reports. I have used it for another purpose.

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Earthquake Report Writing Format 


By the staff reporter

Place, Date: A terrible/mighty earthquake took place/was rocked this [Time] at [Time] P.m./A.m. The people felt the earthquake. Its centre was [Name of the place]. The quake spread from there to different parts of the country. It hit the areas of [Name of the states]. The most affected region was [Name of the place], the centre of the earthquake. It was [the measure of quaking] in the Richter scale. The quake continued for nearly [Time] though somewhere its duration was more or less. The quake had a tremendous effect on the socioeconomic condition of the country. Many buildings had collapsed. A great number of buildings had cracked in their walls. Somewhere the road was cracked. The communication system was disrupted. Some people faced tragic death. This natural calamity, however, took away almost [Number of death] lives. The victims suffered the worst and passed the night in tension because there was the probability of an earthquake once again.

Earthquake Report WritingThe internet disconnection prevented communication over mobile. This caused great anxiety. The mobile service was disrupted for [Time]. In order to remove tension from the minds of the people and not to get nervous, the Chief Minister of Bengal, [Name of C.M] made an appeal to her people to keep quiet and to be on alert. [Name of C.M] rushed to Sikkim to see the quake victims and sent the required relief.

Report Writing On Sever Earthquake In Garhwal And Kumaon In About 100 Words

Earthquake Report Writing Sample No- 01


By a staff reporter

Uttar Kashi, October 21: A devastating earthquake occurred in the early hours in the Garhwal and Kumaon regions of Uttar Pradesh yesterday. As a result of this severe earthquake, 415 persons were killed, 5000 houses were completely destroyed and another 2,000 homes were badly damaged. Relief and rescue operations were started on a war footing. Thirty medical teams with doctors and medicines rushed to the affected areas. Air Force Plane air-dropped food and necessary articles. The central government sanctioned grants of Rs. 55.50 lakhs for Uttar Kashi and Rs. 13.60 lakhs for Tehri Garhwal.

Report Writing On Earthquake In About 120 Words

Earthquake Report Writing Sample No-02

Earthquake killed 415 in Uttar Pradesh

By a staff reporter

Uttar Pradesh, October 20, 2022: A massive earthquake struck the wide areas in the Garhwal and Kumaon regions of Uttar Pradesh. 415 people were killed and injured 1200.  About 5000 houses had been destroyed and flattened in 2000. The water and power supply of the entire area had been badly affected. About 200 pilgrims to Uttarkashi had been reportedly stranded due to the collapse of transports and communication systems. A team of thirty doctors carrying essential medical supplies had been rushed to the area. Air Force planes had been deployed to drop food and other necessities for the affected people. For relief operations, the Government has sanctioned Rs. 55.50 lakh for Uttarkashi and Rs. 13.60 Lakh for Garhwal.

Earth Quake Report Writing In About 150 Words

Earthquake Report Writing Sample No-03


By a staff reporter

Nepal, September 12, 2010: More than 2500 people were killed and about 5000 people were injured by one of the strongest earthquakes in Nepal. The tremor was 7-8 on the Richter scale. More than 15000 people were rendered homeless. The death toll is likely to rise with at least 600 people reported missing. More than 35000 houses including official buildings damaged or destroyed in the mountainous region. The city and areas near the epicentre close to the central city of Kathmandu were the worst affected. Power, water, gas, and telecommunication channels were completely disrupted. A total of about six million families have been affected. Taiwan army personnel were called in to help in the rescue operations. Army vehicles and helicopters ferried the injured to hospitals. Several countries had extended their helping hand to Nepal.

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