Fire Accident Report Writing With 3 Samples

Fire Accident Report Writing For Madhyamik, H.S and All Competitive Exams

Fire Accident Report Writing has been given to all the students to write numerous “Fire Accident Report Writing”. Just fill in the blanks with the correct information. You can read the samples and practice report writing. Most of the time report is written in the past tense. The report must be written in a single paragraph. Perhaps you will find that I have used more than one paragraph in some reports. I have used it for another purpose.

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Report Writing All In One Format In About 200 Words

Fire Accident Report Writing Format


                                                By the name/XYZ 

Place, Month, Date, Year: A massive fire broke out in [Name of the place] at [Time] am. On [Time]. The fire started at [ground floor] and spread quickly due to huge stock of inflammable articles like perfumes, and toiletries. Locals said there were well over 400 shops in the building. About [Number] shops deal was pharmaceutical products. Smoke engulfed the whole building. As a result, the people inside the building could not come out of the building in spite of their best efforts. There were also jewellery and cosmetics shops in the building. Locals also played a vital role in dousing the fire. Fire Brigade and Civil Defense rushed to the spot immediately to extinguish the fire. Several tall ladders had been moved into the area to access the top floor of the market.

Fire Accident Report WritingIndian Air Force also sent helicopters to rescue the people. [Number of firemen] had been injured in an ongoing firefighting operation in a six-storied building. The injured persons were taken to a nearby [Name of the hospital] for medical treatment. [Number] Fire engines have been deployed to put out the blaze. After working hard for nearly [number of hours], the Fire Brigade and Civil Defense were able to bring the fire under control. The government had formed a 4-member inquiry committee to find out the cause of the fire.

Fire Broke Out in Covid-19 Center Report Writing In About 200 Words

Fire Accident Report Writing Sample 01



KOLKATA, AUGUST 10: A massive fire broke out at Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh at 5 a.m. on Sunday. The fire caught in a hotel that was being used as a COVID-19 centre. At first, the fire caught on the fourth floor in the centre’s lobby and spread very fast. Around 30 patients were being treated in the hospital. But only one gate was open at that time. Suddenly, seeing the smoke, the patients lost their way and started running. As a result, without seeing anyway, everyone tried to come out. At least seven people were killed in a fire and at least 30 were burnt. On receiving the news of the incident, the fire brigade and the national disaster response force rushed to the spot and carried out the rescue operation at the same time. Many trapped health workers and injured patients were brought out.

The injured was taken to the nearby local hospital. Preliminary investigations suggested that the fire was caused by a short circuit. Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy showed great sympathy and also announced a compensation of Rs 50 lakh per family of the deceased.

Fire In Plastic Factory Report Writing In About 120 Words

Fire Accident Report Writing Sample 02


By a staff reporter

Kolkata, March 03, 2022: A devastating fire broke out in a plastic factory at Burrabazar. The entire building was gutted. Though its exact cause is not yet known it is suspected that electrical short-circuit may be at the root of such disaster. Fire engines fought the blaze for about an hour to bring it under control. Fire brigade sources said the fire spread rapidly because of the highly inflammable materials stored in the factory. Nobody reported either injured or killed. The total amount of loss was around Rs. 1 crore. The Mayor of Kolkata visited the spot this morning accompanied by other higher officials.

Report On Catching Fire In Patrika Building 150 Words

Fire Accident Report Writing Sample 03


By a staff reporter

Kolkata, September 15, 2022: The third floor of the Ananda Bazar Patrika building, on Prafulla Sarkar Street in Central Kolkata, was gutted when a devastating fire broke out in the evening. The incident occurred around 5 p.m. when nobody was there in the big building. The Patrika library housed on the floor and the computer system were seriously damaged in the fire which lasted for three hours. Three persons were killed and six others were seriously injured in the incident. An electrical fault is suspected to be a possible cause of the fire. The wounded were admitted to S.S.K.M. Hospital and the condition of two of them was stated to be critical by the hospital sources. The Fire Brigade was informed and it brought the fire under control after three hours of continuous efforts. A departmental investigation was ordered to know the cause of the fire.

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