A Road Accident Report Writing 7+ Samples For All

A Road Accident Report Writing 7+ Samples and Two Formats

A Road Accident Report Writing 7+ Samples

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All those students who can write English by themselves or have tried to write but do not understand which points to make sentences based on. They will understand everything if they read the below-written points well. Besides that, I promise that if you remember these topics well you will be able to write an Accident Report in English very easily.

Accident Report Writing Tips

  1. Date, time, place
  2. Cause of the accident
  3. Result of the accident
  4. Number of the injured and dead person
  5. Condition of the bus, train, etc.
  6. Rescue operation and hospitalized
  7. Compensation

Two formats have been given for all the students to write numerous accident reports. Just fill in the blanks with the correct information. Along with the formats, you can read the samples and practice report writing. Most of the time report is written in the past tense.

A Road Accident Report Writing

A Road Accident Report Writing Format No.01



By a staff reporter

Place, Time: A terrible/ghastly/shocking /dreadful ___________ [Name of the accident] accident ___________ took place/occurred/happened at ___________ [name of the small place] in ____________ [namae of the big place] at about ___________ [Mention time of the event]. The serious accident occurred between ____________ [Name of the vehicle] and ___________ [Name of another vehicle]. ____________ [Name of the vehicle] was coming from [Name of the place] and ___________ [Name of the vehicle] was going to [Name of the place] because of _____________ [Cause of the event] both vehicles collided so fast that ___________ [Name of the vehicle] got out of shape. ____________ [Cause of the accident] was the main cause of the accident. As a result, ____________ [Number of death] person died on the spot and __________ [Number of injured] persons were injured/wounded.  Local people rushed to the spot and started a rescue operation. The injured persons were taken to nearby ____________ [Name of the hospital] hospital for proper treatment. ___________ [Number of death] persons were declared dead. ____________ [Number of patients] of them were left off after first aid and the rest were hospitalized.  Locals then turned violent. They alleged traffic police inaction in manning the roads properly. Police reached the spot and dispersed the mob. The driver was absconding. / The driver had been arrested. Now the situation is under control.

Sample No. 01

Report on A NBSTC Bus Fell Into River In About (200 Words)


       By a staff reporter

Murshidabad, Feb 05: A NBSTC bus fell into a river in Daulatabad village of Murshidabad district in West Bengal on Monday morning. At least 10 people died and several were missing. The state government bus was traveling from Karimpur in Nadia district to Berhampore in Murshidabad when it fell from Bally Bridge into the Ajay river. The bus, a 42-seater, travels every day on this route. At first local people started rescue operations. Local people became angry due to the late arrival of the police and rescue team. Buses, police vans, fire tenders, and cranes were ransacked. Police fired four rounds to control the mob but failed and the situation turned worse with the locals pelting stones and setting vehicles ablaze. Only seven people had been rescued while the others were missing. The government has ordered an investigation into the matter. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had announced a compensation of Rs 5 lakh for the next of kin of the deceased.


A Road Accident Report Writing Format No. 02



By a staff reporter

Place, Date : A dreadful [Type of event] accident happened on [Date] at [Time] at [Place] in [Place]. The accident occurred between [Name of the vehicle]and [ Name of the vehicle]. The cause of the accident was [Cause of the accident]. As a result [Number of dead] persons died and [Number of injured persons] persons were injured because of the accident. Local people rushed to the spot and started rescue operations. The injured persons were taken to a nearby [Name of the hospital] hospital for proper medical treatment. Police came to the spot and controlled the situation. The communication minister [Name of the minister]/local M.L.A] showed great sympathy to those affected people of the accident. He also announced Rs. 00000 [Ammount] for the nearest of kin of those killed in the accident.


Sample No. 02

Road Accident Report Writing in about (100) words

Three Persons Killed, and Several Injured in A Road Accident

By a staff reporter

Berhampore, September 15: Three persons including two men and a child were killed in a road accident early this morning near Berhampore. The accident occurred when a luxury bus carrying 40 tourists from Kolkata fell into a wayside ditch. The bus was running at a top speed and the driver lost control. The local people rushed and took away them to the local hospital.  All the persons were injured and five of them were serious. The serious persons were referred to Kolkata and others were released. The dead bodies were sent to their relatives in coffin boxes. 

Sample No. 03

Bus Mishap Report Writing in about 110 words

Four killed in Bus Mishap

By a staff reporter

Raiganj, February 13, 2022: Four persons were killed and more than 10 injured when a private bus rammed against a lorry last night at Kasba in Raiganj. The accident occurred when the bus was on its way to Malda to Raiganj. The driver had lost control when it tried to overtake the speeding lorry. The loud noise drew the attention of the people who immediately rushed to the spot and helped in the rescue operation. The injured were taken to the Raiganj Hospital. The driver of the lorry had fled from there. The driver and three passengers of the bus died. Police came to the spot and control the situation.

Sample No. 04



By a staff reporter

Siliguri, October 5, 2022: Twelve persons including the driver of a truck, three women, and two children were killed on the spot when a truck collided head-on with a bus on Sevak Road at 4 p.m. The driver of the truck was drinking wine and he was driving it at top speed. When he tried to cross the bus, he could not control the truck. It hit the bus. As a result, 15 others were injured and two of them were serious due to the accident. The injured were taken to the Siliguri Hospital. Three of them were released after first aid and the rest were hospitalized for proper medical treatment.

Sample No. 05


A Street Accident

By a Staff Reporter

Malda, November 24, 2022: A street accident occurred at Setu More, in Malda, at about 10.30 a.m. A small boy of class viii of kalachand high school was going to school riding with his father on a motorbike. But they were careless as they did not wear helmets on their heads. A toto van hit the motorbike from behind. The father and the son fell flat on the road. Both had head injuries and they were in critical condition. Local people came to the spot. The father and the son were taken to Malda Medical College Hospital. The agitating people blocked the road. The crowd caught the driver of the toto van. He was almost beaten to death. Police came to the spot and normalcy was restored after an hour.

Sample No. 06

Bus and Motor Car Accident Report Writing in about 120 Words


By a staff reporter


Lal-bag, sept-26: At about 10 in the morning yesterday, there was a serious head-on collision between a loaded bus and a motor car on the National Highway near Panchraha Bazar. All five passengers of the car including a child were killed on the spot. Then passengers of the bus including five women and two children were injured. Five of them were in serious condition. The local people and the police rushed to the spot and started rescue work. They got injured and were admitted to the local sub-divisional hospital. The driver of the bus had been arrested. Traffic movement along the road remained suspended for about five hours.


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