A Train Accident Report Writing And Five Samples

A Train Accident Report Writing For Madhyamik, H.S and All Types of Competitive Exam

A Train Accident Report Writing

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Now all students can write a report writing on train or bus accidents in English with the help of a format. They will have to follow some tips which have been given below. Train and bus accident is about the same.

Accident Report Writing Tips

  1. Date, time, place
  2. Cause of the accident
  3. Result of the accident
  4. Number of the injured and dead person
  5. Condition of the bus, train, etc.
  6. Rescue operation and hospitalized
  7. Compensation

I have given you a format. Just fill in the blanks with the correct information. Along with the formats, you can read the samples and practice report writing. The report should write in the past tense. But we use present tense and future tense sometimes.

Accident Report Writing Format All In One (120 Words)


By a staff reporter

Place and date: A dreadful train [Name of the accident] accident happened on _________ [Date] at _________ [Time]  at [Name of the small place] ___________ in [Name of the big place] _____________. The accident  occurred between ____________ [Name of the train] and __________ [Name of the train]. The cause of the accident was [The cause of the accident]. As a result, ___________ [Number of dead] persons died and _____________ [Number of injured] persons were injured because of accident. Local people rushed to the spot and started a rescue operation. The injured persons were taken to a nearby _____________ [Name of the hospital] hospital for medical treatment. Police came to the spot and controlled the situation.The communication minister ____________ [Name] showed  great sympathy to those affect people  of the accident.He also announced Rs. ___________ for the nearest of kin of those killed in the accident.

A Road Accident Report Writing


Report Writing on Train Accident in about 100 words


By a staff reporter

West Bengal, September 15, 2022: At least 40 persons were killed and 25 others injured when the last three bogies of the Padatik Express jumped the rails at Malda station last night. According to railway sources, the loose fish plate at the station was the cause of this accident. At first local people started rescue work. Then they informed the nearby GRPF and local police station. They reached the spot immediately. The injured people were taken to the nearest hospitals. The Bengal Chief Minister announced a job in addition to monetary compensation to the nearest of kin of those killed in the accident.

Report Writing on Train Accident in about 120 words


By a staff reporter

Delhi, October 19, 2022: At least 35 passengers including children and women were killed and over 100 injured when the Howrah-bound Rajdhani Express and a goods train collided head-on near Delhi last night. The cause of the accident is not known yet. The rescue operation started promptly. A team of twenty doctors carrying necessary medical supplies has been involved. The injured passengers were removed to the nearest hospitals. Two trains were separated with the crane. The Government of the U.P. expressed profound grief over the incident and announced adequate compensation to the bereaved families and injured passengers. The Railway minister ordered a high-level inquiry into the cases and circumstances. Train service was suspended immediately.

Report Writing on Train Accident in about 150 words


By a staff reporter

Dhanbad, August 17, 2022: A ghostly train accident occurred between a passenger train and a good train at Dhanbad on 10 April 2022 at about 5.30 a.m. As a result, 70 passengers including men, women, and children were killed on the spot and more than 200 people were injured. Firstly local people rushed to the spot and started the primary rescue operations. Yet the cause of the accident was unknown. The pilots of both trains died on the spot. Around 40 ambulances were sent to the spot to ferry injured persons. The injured people were sent to nearby several hospitals. The doctors declared five persons dead after treatment. The state railway minister announced that the kin of the deceased would be given 3 lakhs and a government job and the injured people one lakhs each. He also ordered to form of a high-level investigation committee to look into the matter.

Report Writing on Rajdhani Express Fell into River in about 180 Words


By a staff reporter

Malda, November 10: The New Delhi-bound Rajdhani Express fell into the Mahananda river from Sukanta Palli Bridge at 10.40 p.m. last night. It was suspected that the mishap occurred due to derailing on the bridge as perhaps the fish plate remained open. As a result, 120 passengers were killed and more than 250 injured. The injured persons were sent to the local hospitals. Only 5 of the 20 compartments of the train remained safe. A few badly damaged bogeys fell into the water and others were found hanging in the air from the bridge. Many dead bodies could not be identified. The local people rushed to the spot having heard a loud sound and started rescue work. They informed the local police station and a rescue operation team arrived at the spot. The state government ordered to form of an investigation committee to probe into the matter. He also announced compensation for the kin of both dead and wounded persons. The train service was postponed on this route for a day.

Report Writing on Train Accident in about 200 words

Amritsar Train Accident

By the staff reporter

Kolkata, November 20:  At least 60 people were killed and 77 injured in a train accident on October 19 evening at the Joda Phatak area in Amritsar. The train was coming from Jalandhar to Joda Phatak where at least 300 people were watching ‘Ravana dahan’ on the ground adjacent to the tracks. People could not hear or see trains due to the exploding crackers. A train ran over people. People rushed towards the track. Two trains were coming from the opposite direction at the same time. The injured persons were admitted to the Amritsar Civil Hospital and Guru Nanak Hospital. District authorities had been directed to take up relief and rescue operations on a war footing. The Punjab government has announced Rs. 5 lakh compensation for the families of the accident victims. The railway has issued helpline numbers, which are 0183-2223171, and 0183-2564485. People who want to donate blood should go to the Amritsar Civil Hospital and Guru Nanak Hospital. The Punjab government has ordered a probe into the accident. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, President Ram Nath Kovind, and Congress President Rahul Gandhi have expressed their anguish at the accident. 

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