Landslide Report Writing Format And Four Samples

Landslide Report Writing Format For All Students And All Competitive Exam

Landslide Report Writing is one of the report writings. I have presented four samples of landslide report writing. If you read and follow the structure of report writing, I am quite sure that you can write a report writing on landslides. I have written the report within the word limit.

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Landslide Report Writing

Landslide In Darjeeling Report Writing In About 120 Words


By a staff reporter

Darjeeling, September 27, 2022: A tragic incident of a landslide took place yesterday in Darjeeling. This sort of tragedy is not the first time in the city. Rather, tragedies like this one occurred several times in the past. The incident took away about 150 lives. The local people rushed to the spot and informed the police station. Police with the rescuer team reached the spot very soon. About 100 people were seriously wounded. They were taken to the nearby hospitals. Of them 85 people were released after giving first aid treatment and 15 people were hospitalized at Darjeeling Medical College Hospital. The Mayor of Darjeeling rushed to the spot and managed to bury the dead and helped the victimized families in cash and food. 

Report Writing On Sikkim Landslide In About 150 Words


By a staff reporter

Sikkim, April 21, 2022: Two persons were killed and three injured in a landslide in Sikkim at 5.30 p.m yesterday. The cause of the natural disaster was heavy rain in the hills for more than 24 hours. The houses of Nirmal Chetri and his neighbor just below Hill Cart Road were swept away. The rescue operation team rescued eight persons from the debris. They had been admitted to the Darjeeling Medical College and Hospital in critical condition.  Three of five neighbors had also been sent to the hospital with serious injuries. The landslide had threatened six houses and five families had been moved to a safer place. The mayor of Sikkim announced compensation for the victims so that they could build their houses. A red alert had been sounded at word 6 of the Sevok Municipality area.

Kalimpong Landslide Report Writing In About 100 Words


By a staff reporter

Kalimpong, December 20, 2022: At least 50 people were feared killed in Kalimpong at 3.30 a.m. last day. Torrential rain for the last few days was the cause of the landslide. Nine bodies had been found and 15 rescued according to the latest report. Relief and rescue operations were started on a war footing. A team headed by the Superintendent of police had been rushed to the affected areas.  It was one of the worst natural calamities in recent times. The landslide has wasted away roads, making the areas inaccessible. The government deployed army personnel in the rescue operation.

A Devastating Landslide In Darjeeling Report Writing In About 130 Words


By a staff reporter

Darjeeling, November 05, 2022: Devastating landslides occurred in a few parts of Darjeeling at about 4 a.m. yesterday. Jalpaiguri, Siliguri, Sikkim, and Kalimpong were the most badly affected areas. Continuous heavy rain for the last few days was the cause of the landslides. 12 people died in Jalpaiguri on Sunday when the driver was driving a car and an uprooted tree fell down from a cliff on the car. Five persons were killed in Sikkim on Saturday when their cars were hit by boulders. Relief and rescue operations were started on a war footing. Vehicles were stopped for some days to repair the roads. The state government had proclaimed compensation for the victims of the natural disaster.

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