The Cap Seller And The Monkeys 100 And 150+ Words

Write a short story on “The Cap Seller And The Monkeys” in about 170 words.


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A cap seller used to sell caps near villages and towns. One hot summer day he was going to a fair through a vast field. He felt very tired. He saw a banyan tree nearby. He sat under a banyan tree to take rest for a while.

Suddenly he fell asleep. Some monkeys were living in the tree. They came down and took all the caps from the basket one by one. Then they climbed up on the tree.

the cap seller and the monkeys

When he woke up, he saw his basket empty. He was shocked. After that, he heard the chattering of the monkeys and looked at them. He could understand the whole matter of what happened whit him. He tried his best to go his caps back but all his efforts were in vain.

He found that the monkeys were imitating him. He hit upon a plan and threw his cap from his head on the ground. Instantly the monkeys threw the caps. The cap seller collected all the caps and put them in his basket. In this way, he got back the caps and went to the fair happily.

Moral: Intelligence works in difficult situations.    

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