Two Friends And Bear Story For Classes-10 & 11

Write a story about two friends in about 100 words for class-9 & 10

Two Friends And Bear Story writing has been presented here for the students of classes- 9, 10, and 11 and the word limit is mentioned.

False Friend 

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One day two friends were going through a forest. Suddenly they saw a bear coming towards them. They both were frightened. One of them knew how to climb up a tree and the other could not know. One climbed up a tree very soon. As soon as the bear came to another boy, he lay on the ground stopping his breath for a while. The beard smelt his entire body and looked at the tree. After that, the beard went away. Getting off the tree, his friend asked him, “What did the beard say to your ears?”  The friend replied, “The friend who does not stay in danger, is not a real friend.”

Two Friends And Bear Story
 Two Friends And Bear Story

Moral: A friend in need is a friend indeed.

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Write a story about two friends in about 200 words for class- 11


Two Friends and A Bear

Once upon a time, two friends studied in the same class and same school. They used to go to school together and take bath in the river. Above all, they did not do anything without anyone. They were very intimate friends. They decided to travel on Sunday as it is a holiday.

One day two friends went to a forest and wandered here and there. Suddenly a bear appeared at some distance before them. Both of them became very much afraid and one of them knew how to climb up a tree. So he immediately climbed up a nearby tree leaving the other in danger.

The other friend did not know how to climb up a tree. So he had no alternative way. He knew the bear does not eat the dead bodies. So he lay on the ground pretending death.

Then the bear came up to him and smelt his entire body. The bear look at the other boy on the tree and went away thinking him to be dead.

Then the friend came down from the tree and said, “What did the bear whisper into your ears?” his friend replied, “Do not trust a friend who leaves you in danger.”

Moral: True friend is the one who always supports and stands by you in any situation.

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