Tomato Jelly Processing Writing 100 Words

Write a paragraph (Within 100 words) on how Tomato Jelly is prepared with the help of the following hints. 

Tomato Jelly Processing Writing (Paragraph) for Madhyamik. 

Points for Tomato Jelly Processing Writing

Introduction _____ tomatoes bought from the market ______ sorted ____cleaned ____ juice extracted ____ boiled for half and hour ____ sugar and chili powder mixed up _____ cooled ______ bottled ______ ready for sale. 

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Tomato Jelly Processing Writing

Preparation of Tomato Jelly

Tomato jelly is a tasty food. At first, tomatoes are brought from the market. Then, the good tomatoes are sorted out and the bad and rotten ones are rejected. Next, the good tomatoes are cleaned well in water. Then, they are smashed well to extra juice. After that, a pan is put on the stove, and poured the extra juice. Next, the juice is boiled for half an hour. Then, the required amount of sugar preservatives, and chili powder are added to it. Now, the tomato jelly is ready. It is cooled for some time. Finally, it is poured into bottles for future use.


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