Chilly Chicken Processing Writing 100 Words

Write a paragraph (in about 100 words) on how chilly chicken is prepared at home

Chilly Chicken Processing Writing (Paragraph) for Madhyamik

Points of Chilly Chicken Processing Writing

Buying boneless chicken _____ washing ______ soaking them in lemon juice and salt ______ adding cornflower baking powder, egg, soya sauce ______ frying chicken pieces _______ heating with oil ______ frying onion slice _______ adding capsicum slices _______ mixing fried chicken balls ______ adding soya sauce, chilly sauce, tomato sauce and green chilly _____ frying deep for sometime _________ serving hot. 

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Chilly Chicken Processing Writing

Preparation of Chilly Chicken

Chilly chicken is a mouth-watering dish. It is prepared through the following processes. At first, boneless chicken pieces, eggs, onion, capsicum, green chilies, ginger, garlic, soya sauce, cornflower, oil, Ajinomoto, and salt are bought from the market. Then, the chicken pieces are cleaned well in water and marinated in two eggs, a little cornflour, is added to the white part of the pieces are dipped into the mixture, and fried in oil. After that, onion, green chilies, capsicum, ginger, and garlic slices are fried. Next, water and salt are added to it. Then, Fried chicken balls are added and cooked for 5 minutes. Now the chili chicken is prepared. It is poured into a pot and some coriander leaves are spread on it. Now it is ready to be served hot.

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