Narration Change of Assertive Sentences 100+ Examples

Narration Change of Assertive Sentences [Direct and Indirect Speech] Narration change of assertive sentences is a very easy matter if you know some rules of narration change or follow the right step. I have presented the rules step by step so that the readers can learn them after going through the article one time. Finally, […]

Passive Voice of Infinitive 30+ Example

Passive Voice of Infinitive with Answer Passive Voice of Infinitive Sentence We have discussed the passive voice of infinitive here.  Infinitive means to+ present form of the verb (V-1) in English grammar. We have to follow three rules to change from active to passive voice. Object + helping verb + to + be + V-3 […]

Optative Sentence with Example in Detail

Optative Sentence with example in details Optative sentence is one of the types of sentences which are divided based on meaning. In this post i have presented “Optative Sentence” and given many examples. It is highlighted step by step so that the learners can easily learn it. If a learner reads the post relavant optative […]

Assertive Sentence with Example in English

Assertive Sentence with Example in details Assertive Sentence with Example has been explained in details. Learners will get the explanation of declarative sentence step by step here. If he reads the post carefully, he must easily understand it. I am sure that he will not have doubt about assertive sentence. Assertive sentence is called in […]

Punctuation Mark with Example A to Z

All Punctuation Mark A to Z in Details with Example Punctuation mark is very important lesson in english grammar. It improves writing skill and beautifies the paragraph and sentence. In this post I have presented all punctuation marks with example step by step so that the learn can easily learn it. If a learner read […]

Voice Change Rule A to Z [Active and Passive]

  Voice Change Rule  Active and Passive Voice in details  Voice Change Rule helps us to change both active and passive voice. In this post I have discussed all the rules so that the students and learners can learn voice change easily. They will not have to search the rules one by one in search […]

Transformation of Sentences [Affirmative to Negative]

Transformation of Sentences Affirmative and Negative Transformation of Sentences [Affirmative to Negative], Read in Bangla Affirmative ————————————- Negative Always  ————— Never (Opposite word   of Verb, Adjective and Noun) If we find the word “Always” in an affirmative sentence, we will write the word “Never” instead of that word [Always] and make the opposite word of […]