Interchange of Imperative and Assertive Sentences Transformation of Sentences [Imperative to Assertive], Read in Bangla IMPERATIVE                                          ASSERTIVE 0.1 Please/kindly ———————- Affirmative: You are requested to……….  /Negative: You are requested not to …….. If we find the word “Please/Kindly” in the imperative sentence, we will write “You are requested to” at the time in the […]

Transformation of Sentences [Affirmative to Negative]

Transformation of Sentences Affirmative and Negative Transformation of Sentences [Affirmative to Negative], Read in Bangla Affirmative ————————————- Negative Always  ————— Never (Opposite word   of Verb, Adjective and Noun) If we find the word “Always” in an affirmative sentence, we will write the word “Never” instead of that word [Always] and make the opposite word of […]