Exclamatory Sentence with Example in Detail

Exclamatory Sentence with Example Exclamatory sentence with example has been explained in details. It is very simple to learn it. If you read it step by step, you can learn exclamatory sentence. What is exclamatory sentence? The sentence by which we express emotions, sorrow, happiness, anger, joy, wonder and hatred etc. is called Exclamatory Sentence. […]

Optative Sentence with Example in Detail

Optative Sentence with example in details Optative sentence is one of the types of sentences which are divided based on meaning. In this post i have presented “Optative Sentence” and given many examples. It is highlighted step by step so that the learners can easily learn it. If a learner reads the post relavant optative […]

Type of sentence with example in English Grammar

Type of sentence with example in English  Type of sentence is very important in English grammar. If a learner does not have strong knowledge about the kind of sentence, he can not improve his English in both writing and speaking. That is why I have explained it in an easy way. Each and every type […]