Voice Change of Reflexive Object 15+ Example

Voice Change of Reflexive Object 15+ Example

Voice Change of Reflexive Object is very easy to learn. I have shown it in this article.

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If you find a “Reflexive Object” in an active voice, the reflexive object is not used in the passive voice as a subject. In this case, we use be verb according to tense and write the “by” preposition before the reflexive object.

Rules of passive voice:

Subject + be verb + past participle of main verb (V3) + by + reflexive object.

Voice Change of Reflexive Object
Voice Change of Reflexive Object

15+ Example Reflexive Pronoun

Active: He killed himself.

Passive: He was killed by himself.

Active: They punish themselves.

Passive: They are punished by themselves.

Active: She will beat herself.

Passive: She will be beaten by herself.

Active: You are slapping yourself.

Passive: You are being slapped by yourself.

Active: I hate myself.

Passive: I am hated by myself.

Active: Ratan can change himself.

Passive: Ratan can be changed by himself.

Active: I help myself.

Passive: I am helped by myself.

Active: The man cut himself.

Passive: The man is cut by himself.

Active: I saw myself in the mirror.

Passive: I was seen by myself in the mirror.

Active: They put themselves in danger.

Passive: They were put by themselves in danger.

Voice Change By Digital English

Active: We pitied ourselves.

Passive: We were pitied by ourselves.

Active: You blamed yourselves.

Passive: You were blamed by yourselves.

Active: Gopal worked himself.

Passive: Gopal was worked by himself.

Active: You should judge yourselves.

Passive: You should be judged by yourselves.

Active: She will hurt herself.

Passive: She will be hurt by herself.

Active: The boy ruined himself.

Passive: The boy was ruined by himself.

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