Omelet Processing Writing About 100 Words

Write a paragraph on how egg-omelet is prepared at home. (100 Words)

Omelet Processing Writing (Paragraph) in about 100 Words 

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Hints of omelet processing writing 

Collect the necessary utensils like a frying pan ___ take an egg ____ to whisk the egg with pinched onion and chilly in a pot____ add salt _____ make sure the pan is ready on fire ____ pour mustard oil and let it be hot ____ pour the egg mixture ___ fold the omelet _____ serve hot.

Omelet Processing Writing

Preparation Of An Omelet

An omelet is a good fast food. Omelet is prepared through several stages. At first, Onion, chili, and ginger are cut into small pieces. Then, an egg is broken into a bowl. Next, onion, ginger, chili pieces, and a little salt are mixed in them. After that, the mixture is stirred well. Then a frying pan is kept in the burning oven and some oil and ghee are poured into it. Next, the mixture is poured and spread all over the heated pan within a minute the mixture solidifies. Then it is folded. The omelet is ready to be served hot on a plate.

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