Passive Voice without By 20 + Examples

Passive Voice without “By” Preposition By Digital English At the time of voice change, we use “By” before the subject in passive voice. But in the case of some verbs, another preposition is written instead of “By”. The list of those verbs is given below. Active: I know the man. Passive: The man is known […]

Passive Voice without Subject 50+Example

Passive Voice without Subject /Doer/ Agent  Passive Voice without Subject Many times we notice that who has completed the work is not mentioned in passive voice. When we change the passive voice into the active voice, we have to mention the subject. But there is no particular rule to selecting the subject. We can use […]

Quasi-Passive Voice without Complement 10+ Examples

Quasi-passive Voice without Complement Quasi-Passive Voice without Complement There are such sentences that have no complement in quasi-passive. Rules of Quasi-Passive Voice without Complement: We use “Being” after the helping verb and then past participle form of the verb at the time of voice change of those sentences. Active: The cows are milking. Passive: The cows […]