Passive Voice without By 20 + Examples

Passive Voice without “By” Preposition By Digital English

At the time of voice change, we use “By” before the subject in passive voice. But in the case of some verbs, another preposition is written instead of “By”. The list of those verbs is given below.

Active: I know the man.

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Passive: The man is known to me.

Passive Voice without By

Here in the passive voice we normally use “By” a preposition before me. But we have written to preposition because the preposition “To” follows the verb “know”.

List of the verbs:

Marry, know – To

Alarm, surprise, annoy, shock- At

Interest, pleased, change, offend, disgust – With

Contain – With/In

20+ Examples of Passive voice without By Preposition 

Active: The dust covers the table.

Passive: The table is covered with the dust.

Active: The matter interested the girl.

Passive: The girl was interested in the matter.

Active: I know the boy.

Passive: The boy is known to me.

Active: Her work satisfied me.

Passive: I was satisfied with her work.

Active: He displeased his sister.

Passive: His sister was displeased with him.

Active: Your failure surprises me.

Passive: I am surprised with your failure.

Active: The cup contains tea.

Passive: Tea is contained with the cup.

Active: Light filled the room.

Passive: The room was filled with light.

Active: Dust covered the table.

Passive: The table was covered with dust.

Active: You know the fact.

Passive: The fact is known to me.

Active: The glass contains milk.

Passive: Milk is contained in the glass.

Active: His manner shocked me.

Passive: I was shocked with his manner.

Active: Tears filled his eyes.

Passive: His eyes were filled with tears.

Active: Your grandfather’s death shocked me.

Passive: I was shocked with your grandfather’s death.

Active: I can not please you.

Passive: You can be not pleased with me.

Active: The man can not satisfy the bagger.

Passive: The bagger cannot be satisfied with the man.

Active: Sonali married Kiran. 

Passive: Kiran was married to Sonali.

Active: Smoke filled the room.

Passive: The room was filled with the smoke.

Active: The glass contains water.

Passive: Water is contained in the glass.

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