Passive Voice without Subject 50+Example

Passive Voice without Subject /Doer/ Agent 

Passive Voice without Subject

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Many times we notice that who has completed the work is not mentioned in passive voice.

When we change the passive voice into the active voice, we have to mention the subject. But there is no particular rule to selecting the subject. We can use one, someone, people, they, circumstance, and so on as a subject depending on the situation.

Passive Voice without Subject

50+ Examples of Voice Change without Doer

Passive: Traffic rules should be obeyed.

Active: People should obey traffic rules.

Passive: They were misguided.

Active:  Someone misguided them.

Passive: He was misguided.

Active:  Someone misguided him.

Passive: I was robbed on the way.

Active:  The thief robbed me on the way.

Passive: Rahit was compelled to do the work.

Active:  Circumstance compelled Rahit to do the work.

Passive: Promise should be kept.

Active:  One should keep promise.

Passive: He is known to be a thief.

Active:  People know him to be a thief.

Passive: My pen has been stolen.

Active:  Someone has stolen my pen.

Passive: He was elected the president.

Active:  People elected him the president.

Passive: Our duty must be done.

Active:  We must do our duty.

Passive: Milk is used for making butter.

Active:  We use milk for making butter.

Passive: The boy was punished yesterday.

Active:  Parents punished the boy yesterday.

Passive: He was obliged to issue the card.

Active:  Authority obliged him to issue the card.

Passive: The criminal has been arrested.

Active:  Police have arrested the criminal.

Passive: The old man was stoned.

Active:  Someone stoned the old man.

Passive: The thief was caught.

Active:  Police caught the thief.

Passive: The tiger is called the national animal in India.

Active:  We call the tiger the national animal in India.

Passive: The man was shot with a pistol.

Active:  The enemy shot the man with a pistol.

Passive: Mohan Bagan has been defected.

Active:  Another team has defected Mohan Bagan.

Voice Change By Digital English

Passive: The house is being painted.

Active:  The painter is painting the house.

Passive: The promise should be kept.

Active:  One should keep the promise.

Passive: Uniforms must be worn.

Active:  The students must wear uniforms.

Passive: The hut was burnt to ashes.

Active:  Someone burnt the hut to ashes.

Passive: Discipline should be obeyed.

Active:  The students should obey discipline.

Passive: The rules must be followed here.

Active:  The players must follow the rules here.

Passive: The meeting has been canceled.

Active: The manager has canceled the meeting.

Passive: The application was rejected there.

Active:  Authority rejected the application there.

Passive: The computer has been repaired.

Active:  The engineer has repaired the computer.

Passive: The student had been expelled from the school.

Active:  The headmaster had expelled the student from the school.

Passive: The boy has been rebuked for his misbehavior.

Active:  Someone has rebuked the boy for his misbehaviour.  

Passive: The poor girl was insulted at the party.

Active:  Someone insulted the poor girl at the party.

Passive: The mobile phone is being sold in the market.

Active:  Someone is selling the mobile phone in the market.

Passive: The thief is being beaten on the road.

Active:  People are beating the thief on the road.

Passive: The deer has been shot in the jungle.

Active:  The hunter has shot the deer in the jungle.

Passive: The picture is drawn on the clean wall.

Active:  Someone draws the picture on the clean wall.

Passive: The shirt was washed in the river.

Active:  Someone washed the shirt in the river.

Active and Passive Voice By Prakash Sir

Passive: The land has been cultivated.

Active:  The farmer has cultivated the land.

Passive: The road is being swept.

Active:  Sweepers are sweeping the road.

Passive: The drain is cleaned twice in a month.

Active:  People clean the drain twice in a month.

Passive: The tree has been cut down.

Active:  People have cut down the tree.

Passive: The sums are worked out.

Active:  Someone works out the sums.

Passive: The trees were planted on the pond side.

Active:  People planted the trees on the pond side.

Passive: The location has been traced.

Active:  Police have traced the location.

Passive: The kidnappers were caught.

Active:  Police caught the kidnappers.

Passive: The man was murdered.

Active:  Someone murdered the man.

Passive: The new mobile phone had been found in the room.

Active:  Someone had found the new mobile phone in the room.

Passive: Traffic rules should be obeyed.

Active:  People should obey traffic rules.

Passive: A sentence has been written on the board.

Active:  Someone has written a sentence on the board.

Passive: The newspaper will be read.

Active:  Someone will read the newspaper.

Passive: The shoes must be polished.

Active:  Cobbler must polish the shoes.

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