Imperative Sentence with Example and Details

Imperative Sentence with Example and Details 

Imperative sentence is one of the sentences in type of sentence. Here it is presented step by step so that the learners can easily learn it. If a learner read the post, he will get interest about imperative sentence and understand it very soon.

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Imperative sentence with example has been discussed elaborately in this post. All types of imperative sentences are here step by step below.

imperative sentence
imperative sentence

What is imperative sentence?

The sentences with which we express our order, advise and request is called imperative sentences.

Imperative sentence starts with “Finite verb” in affirmative and “Do not finite verb” in negative. Normally the imperative sentence begins with “Let/Do not /Never/Please /Kindly /Always/Be /Have/Give”. We notice “Please/Kindly” at the end or starting of the sentence. The doer (subject -You) of the sentence is implied.

Finite Verb: The verb that can complete the thought of mind is called finite verb.

The verb that follows tense, person and number i.e changes the tense and appearance.

Imperative Sentence with Example

  • Please bring a glass of water.
  • Open the door.
  • Respect the seniors.
  • Lend me a pen, kindly.
  • Sit here.
  • Let me do it.
  • Never tell a lie.
  • Always speak the truth.
  • Be smart.
  • Have a cup of tea.
  • Give me a book.

In this aspect, imperative sentences are three types like order, request and advice.

 Sentence With Order/Advice

In imperative sentences, order and advice look same and follow the same structure of sentence but there is a little difference in meaning.

Affirmative sentence’s structure 

Verb + Object.


  • Change the voice.
  • Shut the door.
  • Clean your room.
  • Put off the shirt.
  • Use your phone.
  • Submit the form.
  • Open the window.
  • Prepare your lessons.
  • Take medicine on time.
  • Always speak the truth.
  • Always respect the seniors.
  • Wash your shirt properly.
  • Come in.
  • Go to bed.
  • Follow me.
  • Wait for me.
  • Get out of here.
  • Speak clearly.
  • Be active.
  • Be wise.
  • Be educated.

Negative sentence’s structure

Do not + Verb + Object.


  • Don’t talk.
  • Don’t play here.
  • Don’t misbehave.
  • Don’t shout.
  • Don’t jump here.
  • Don’t spit on the floor.
  • Don’t sit on the bench.
  • Don’t talk much.
  • Never tell a lie.
  • Do not pluck flowers.
  • Do not waste time.
  • Don’t open the door.
  • Don’t touch the flower trees.
  • Do not close the door.
  • Don’t sit on the broken chair.
  • Never neglect the poor.
  • Never tell a lie.
  • Don’t be a thief.
  • Don’t be lazy.
  • Don’t be over smart.

Imperative Sentence With Request

When we express request with the imperative sentence, we use “Please /Kindly” at the starting or end of the sentence.


  • Please help me.
  • Please join me in your whatsapp group.
  • Don’t pluck flower, please.
  • Please do not chatter.
  • Don’t rake up the past, please.
  • Please don’t reject my form.
  • Please forgive me for this time.
  • Please come to the point.
  • Please, switch on the fan.
  • Kindly grant my application.
  • Tell again your contact number, kindly.
  • Kindly approve my application.
  • Don’t make a quarrel, please.
  • Please hand over the book.
  • Kindly, switch off the light.
Imperative Sentence [Suggestive]with “Let”

We can write imperative sentence with let following the below structure.

Sentence Structure Active:  Let + Object(Living) + V-1 + Object (Non-Living).

  • Let me do the work now.
  • Let us forget the matter.
  • Let me give the chance.
  • Let us hear the rest.
  • Let them say the lie.
  • Let her read the newspaper.
  • Let us discuss the matter.
  • Let me paint the wall.
  • Let the teacher teach the lesson.
  • Let the doctor treat the patent.
  • Let the girl sing the song.
  • Let her receive the call.
  • Let us cook the curry.
  • Let us walk.
  • Let her say something.
  • Let me be an honest teacher.
  • Let the boy play there.
  • Let her cook now.

Sentence Structure Passive: Let + Object(Non-Living) + be + V-3 + (by you).

  • Let the book be printed.
  • Let the mobile be rung.
  • Let the problem be solved.
  • Let the work be finished.
  • Let the mangoes be ripen.
  • Let the water be boiled.
  • Let the laptop be started.
  • Let the dog be eaten.

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