Interrogative Sentence with Example [All wh-words]

 Interrogative sentence with example all wh-words

Interrogative sentence with example has been presented here step by step. There are many examples in the post. Using of all wh-words in interrogative sentence has been explained. If a reader read it once, he can understand it very soon.

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Interrogative sentence with example
Interrogative Sentence with Example

Definition of  Interrogative Sentence

The sentence with which we express the question of our mind is called Interrogative Sentence.

Helping Verb or Wh-words are at the beginning of the sentence and the question mark (?) at the end of the sentence.



  • When did you go there?
  • Will you eat rice?
  • Who like you the most?
  • Do you play with me?

Kind of interrogative sentence

Interrogative Sentence can be divided into two parts.

  1. Yes/No interrogative sentence
  2. With wh-words interrogative sentence

Yes/No or without wh-words Interrogative Sentences

These types of interrogative sentences always give the answer “Yes/No”.

To make the Assertive Sentence of the Present Indefinite Tense Interrogative, you have to write “Do / Does” as a Helping Verb before the Subject. And then the question mark must be written at the end of the sentence.

Helping verb + Subject + main verb + object +?


  • Do you take tea daily?
  • Do you teach English?
  • Does your sister read English newspaper daily?
  • Does Rajesh study?
  • Do the trees give us fruits?

Interrogative Sentences of Past Indefinite Tense/Simple Past Tense

In order to interrogate the Assertive Sentence of Past Indefinite Tense, you have to write “Did” as the Helping Verb before the subject/doer and use the Present form of the main Verb. And then the question mark must be written at the end of the sentence.


  • Did he go to the market?
  • Did you phone me?
  • Did you buy the books?
  • Did they come here yesterday?
  • Did Gopal eat rice last Sunday?

Interrogative Sentences of Tense which have helping verb

The tenses which have the helping verb are written only the helping verb before the subject/doer when the sentence is making interrogative.


  • Are the boys playing football in the field?
  • Have you seen tiger in the zoo?
  • Has he been crying for two hours?
  • Was Bikash running in the morning?
  • Had Moumita been singing for two hours?
  • Will you help me?
Interrogative Sentences with Modal Auxiliary Verb

In the case of sentences which contain Modal Auxiliary Verb, the Modal Auxiliary Verb is placed before the Subject and the question mark is placed at the end of the sentence.


  • Can Madan break the door?
  • Should you go there?
  • Would they go to school along this way?
  • Need they sell the house?
  • Dare he speak with me?
  • Must you take tea here?  
  • Could you cross the river?
  • Will you borrow the phone?
  • Can you build a house?
  • Should they miss the train?
With wh-words Question Sentences

We can not give the answer of these types of interrogative sentences with “Yes/No”. The answers of those kinds of questions are narrative.

Wh-word + Helping verb + Subject + main verb + object +?


Interrogative Sentence with “WHAT”

What = information about something

This wh-word gives us information

There are different types of questions. Each and every example has been mentioned below.

Read carefully Interrogative Sentence with Example “What”


  • What is your name?
  • What does your father do?
  • What is Malda famous for?
  • What do you say?
  • What do you learn in the school?
  • What are you looking for?
  • What is he watching?
  • What can she do?
  • What should you do now?
  • For what will I help you?
  • What food does your sister like?
  • What jobs have you worked?
  • What kind of job is it?
  • What type of job is it?
  • What sort of job is it?
  • What type of business do you have?
  • What’s up? There are many people in the field.
  • What about going to park in the afternoon?


Question with “WHICH”


Read carefully Interrogative Sentence with Example “Which”


  • Which is your car?
  • Which can be his bag?
  • Which was their land?
  • Which book will you buy?
  • Which phone are you buying?
  • Which shirt has she washed?
  • Which bike can you ride?
  • Which game should they play?
  • Which shirts are cheap?
  • Which laptop will be costly?
  • Which problem are you saying?
  • For which daughter will he buy dress?
  • From which school have you passed Madhyamik?
  • With which boy did you go there?
  • In which country do they live?
  • Which brother of mine is disturbing you?
  • Over which country was the plan flaying away?
  • To which market will your brother go?
Question Sentences with “WHOSE”

Whose= possession or ownership

Read carefully Interrogative Sentence with Example “Whose”


  • Whose sister are you?
  • Whose fault was it?
  • Whose responsibility will be?
  • Whose house did you go?
  • Whose brother is Gopal beating?
  • Whose cycle are you using now?
  • Whose shirt had you washed?
  • Whose mobile have they got on the way?
  • Whose purse should you return?
  • Whose book can he borrow?
  • Whose house will they leave?
  • Whose proposal are you refusing?
  • From whose house did the thieves steal?
  • From whose video can Suman learn English?
  • From whose shop is she buying pen?


Questions Sentences with “WHEN”


Read carefully Interrogative Sentence with Example “When”


  • When do you get up?
  • When can the train leave?
  • When should doctor come?
  • When did she die?
  • Since when were you learning English?
  • Since when had he been crying?
  • From when will you brother start tution?
  • From when will your school reopen?

Point of time: We will use “Since” when will get point of time in past tense.

Point of time: We will use “From” when will get point of time in future tense.

Since when= Past Tense

From when= Future Tense

  • When did you sell the house?
  • When will you lodge an F.I.R?
  • When could he return the money?
  • When should she apply for a new job?
  • When would you practice cricket?
  • When are you planting the tree?
  • When do you take coffee?
  • When have Rahim and Karim bought a bat?


How to make questions with “WHERE”


Read carefully Interrogative Sentence with Example “Where”


  • Where is your brother?
  • Where do you play football?
  • Where has your father gone?
  • Where should we park the car?
  • Where from have you come?
  • From where will Ramen buy the book?
  • Where have they lost the key?
  • Where has the boy lost his pen?
  • Where are you searching the phone?
  • Where will Gopal start a new business?
  • Where should they donate money?
How to make question with “WHY”


Read carefully Interrogative Sentence with Example “Why”


  • Why is he always busy?
  • Why did you call me last night?
  • Why will they come tomorrow?
  • Why has Ramen helped me?
  • Why does your sister sleep at noon?
  • Why did you insult the girl?
  • Why should I support them?
  • Why do you not repair your car?
  • Why did you give a rude reply?
  • Why were you asking the question repeatedly?


Easy way to ask question with “HOW”


Read carefully Interrogative Sentence with Example “How”


  • How is your mother?
  • How does the girl look?
  • How far is your house from here?
  • How far is airport?
  • How old was he?
  • How old can the temple be?
  • How fast can you ride motor bike?
  • How fast should they walk?
  • How soon will you come back from there?
  • How soon can he recover?
  • How many times do you practice cricket in a day?
  • How often had she come to their house?
  • How long do you read English book daily?
  • For how long can he swim at a strech?
  • How much milk do you take?
  • How much honey will you buy?
  • How many sisters and brothers do you have?
  • How many mangoes should be in the basket?
  • How come? The boy stole your mobile phone.
  • How come? The criminal escaped from the prison.
  • How good was the girl?
  • How good will the road of the village be?
  • How high is the building?
  • How high did he jump over?
  • How tall can the tower be?
  • How tall was your coconut tree?
  • How did he solve it?
  • How much water will Ramen take?
  • How many men will you invite?
  • How do they cross the river?
  • How much water do you take daily?
  • How can Tamal pass the exam?
  • How many times do you practice spoken English?


How to use “WHO” in question sentence

Who= person (subject)

Read carefully Interrogative Sentence with Example “Who”


  • Who are you?
  • Who were there?
  • Who are going with you?
  • Who have asked you the question?
  • Who should cook today?
  • Who will participate in the programme?
  • Who can buy the car?
  • Who broke the glass?
  • Who wrote Gitanjali?
  • Who has completed the task?
  • Who paints the wall?
  • Who had given the gift?
  • Who can solve the problem?
  • Who may buy the car?
  • Who must take tea?
How to ask question with “WHOM”

Whom= Person (Object)

Read carefully Interrogative Sentence with Example “Whom”


  • Whom do you love?
  • Whom is he calling?
  • Whom can they help?
  • Whom have the police arrested?
  • Whom do you love?
  • Whom are you teaching English?
  • Whom have they seen there?
  • Whom did you offer a cup of tea?
  • Whom should he borrow money?
  • Whom did you tell the event?
  • Whom had India defected?
  • For whom had you got 80 marks in English?
  • To whom do they learn English?
  • With whom is she going to kolkata?
  • About whom are you saying this?

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