Exclamatory Sentence with Example in Detail

Exclamatory Sentence with Example

Exclamatory sentence with example has been explained in details. It is very simple to learn it. If you read it step by step, you can learn exclamatory sentence.

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exclamatory sentence

What is exclamatory sentence?

The sentence by which we express emotions, sorrow, happiness, anger, joy, wonder and hatred etc. is called Exclamatory Sentence.

At the end of the sentence there is an exclamation mark (!).

Interjection or What, How is at the beginning of the sentence.

Sometimes the verb is implied.

How to write exclamatory sentences in English

What + a/an + adjective + N/P +!

How + adjective + a/an + N/P +!

  1. What a bad boy!
  2. How bad a boy!
  3. What a beautiful sight!
  4. How beautiful a sight!
  5. What a costly phone!
  6. What a smart girl!
  7. What a fine movie!
  8. What a cheap dress!
  9. How happy the man is!
  10. How intelligent a boy!

Difference Between What and How of Exclamatory Sentences

Sometimes there is difference between the using of “What” and “How” in exclamatory sentence. If we use “What”, we have to “A” before adjective. On the other hand, if we would like to use “How”, we will have to use “A” before noun.

Sometimes the verbs are implied in some sentences.

Follow the Example

  1. How sick!
  2. How fat!
  3. How happy!
  4. How fine!
  5. How attractive!
  6. What a fool!
  7. What a cleaver!
  8. What a luck!
  9. What a good boy!
  10. What a boring discussion!

Use of Exclamation Words in Sentences

Alas: It expresses sorrowful/tragic and painful matter.

Adieu/ Goodbye: It indicates to leave or departure from any one.

Oh: It refers to any upset matters.

Fie: It points out to any shameful matters.

Bravo:  It indicates the situation when some one does something good.

Hush: It refers the silent situation.

Hurrah: It says about the happy moment.

Exclamatory Sentence with Example:  

Alas! His father is no more.

Adieu! My friend!

Oh! How beautiful the flower.

Fie! You smoke.

Hurrah! We have won the match.

Hus! Do not make noise here.

Bravo! you have played well.

Unimaginable or unfulfilled desire
  1. In the sense of being

Sentence structures

Were + Subject + a/n + adjective + N/P +!

Were + Subject + N/P+!

Were + subject + adjective +!


  1. Were I a bird!
  2. Were I an honest teacher!
  3. Were he rich!
  4. Were my father an M.L.A!
  5. Were they young!

2.In the sense of ownership

Had + Subject +!

Had + Subject + a/an + adjective + N/P +!

Example of Exclamatory Sentence:

  1. Had I two wings!
  2. Had he four hands!
  3. Had I much property!
  4. Had you a big house!
  5. Had they a computer!
  6. Had we much money!
  7. Had I an airplane!
  8. Had you 100000 dollar!
  9. Had I ten ponds!
  10. Had she three hands!

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Guy’s I hope you have easily understood “Exclamatory Sentence” from this post.

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