Black Fungus or Mucormycosis Paragraph Writing

Write a paragraph on Black Fungus or Mucormycosis in English within 200 words.

Black Fungus or Mucormycosis

At first, Mucormycosis is known as zygomycosis. Now it is called a black fungus. It is a rare fungal infection. If it occurs in the body, 54% of the patients are at risk of death According to the Central Health Department, the patient recovers from the covid infection but his immunity is reduced. That’s when this kind of fungus nests in the body. Patients who have been treated in the ICU for a long time and who have uncontrolled diabetes are more likely to have this type of infection in their bodies.

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Black Fungus or Mucormycosis

Black fungus has infected 5,424 people in 16 states of the country. Most of them are from Gujarat. Then there is Maharashtra.

If someone is infected with this fungus, he may have cheek pain. It can occur on one side or both sides of the cheek, which is the first sign of infection with this fungus. Later, due to this infection, mouth sores may also form. In addition, these infections can lead to many more skin problems. Fungal infections can also affect the eyes. This can cause swelling in the eyes and poor eyesight. In addition, redness of the eyes is one of the main symptoms of this fungal infection.

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This disease is not contagious. As a result, it cannot go directly from one body to another. Only by touching this type of fungus can this disease settle in the body. It can damage the lungs or sinuses. From skin problems to eye problems, everything can happen. Many people are wearing masks in the Corona situation, but it is dirty. The fungus grows in a dirty environment. Wearing the same mask for 2-3 consecutive weeks without washing can lead to Black Fungus infection.

If the above symptoms appear on any person, he should consult with doctors no longer. According to the doctors, patients should avoid dusty places and use clean masks. Wash wounds with the shop.

As it is spreading day by day, it is a great challenge to the Indians. We should be aware and obey the advice of the specialties.

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