H.S 2022 English Suggestion for annual Exam [WBCHSE]

H.S English Writing Skill Suggestion 2022 [WBCHSE]

H.S 2022 English Suggestion  About the writing skill:

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There are only three types of writing skills in our syllabus under W.B.C.H.S.E. Only ten marks are for writing skills. The report, letter, and précis writing are in the writing section. But the students have to give an answer to only one question from the three parts. 

H.S 2022 English Suggestion
H.S 2022 English Suggestion

There are various kinds of letter writing. But editor letter, letter to headmaster, business letter, complaint letter, and banking letter are included. In several previous years, the letter-writing from those categories had been given in the question papers. So the students should read, follow and practice the letter for the 2022 English exam. H.S 2022 English Suggestion.

West Bengal 2022 English Exam Date:

WBCHSE has canceled the exam of H.S due to pandemic Covid-19. They have not still declared the date of the coming 2022 exam. If any date is announced, we will update the post as early as possible. So keep watch on our website.

Important notes for the students:

We have prepared an important H.S 2022 English Suggestion based on several previous year’s question patterns for the final exam. The world web pandemic has been broken out and India is not excluded from this covid-19. As a result, the 2021 H.S Exam has been canceled.  The students who will appear in the exam hall in 2022, they have to study many questions. Prepare yourself to practice the suggestion and appear in the exam hall. Be very glad to get the common questions and do the best result.

Report [10 marks]

  • Coronavirus [Covid-19] attack on the world/ India Click here.
  • Super cyclone yaas lashed the coastal area of West Bengal and Orisha.
  • Programme/ Celebration/ Function report writing format [I have made a magical report writing format on the topic.] Click here. 
  • Celebration of Covid-19 awareness/mask and sanitizer distribution camp  Click here………
  • Inter-school debate competition
  • Observation of World Environment Day


  • Letter to the editor of an English newspaper to express your concern about using masks and maintaining social distance outside the home.
  • Write a letter to the editor of an English daily expressing your concern over the price hike of diesel, and petroleum oil. Click here……….
  • Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper drawing the attention of the government over the high rise in the price of essential commodities. Click here……….
  • Letter to the editor of an English newspaper drawing the attention of the government over the increasing crime through the internet.
  •  A letter to the editor of a newspaper to bring the attention of the government to the bad condition of hospitals amid pandemic covid-19 in your locality.
  • Editorial Letter writing format all in all Click here.


  • Write a complaint letter to the municipality chairman to sanitize the locality.
  • Write a complaint letter to the O.C about the increasing antisocial activities in your locality.



  • Write a letter to the Headmaster/ Headmistress of your school requesting him/her to arrange potable water on the school campus. All in one format click here


  • Suppose you have ordered some items but some of them are damaged. Write a letter to the company complaining about damaged items and requesting them to replace the damaged ones.
  • Write a letter to the manager of the company cancelling an order for undue delay.
WBCHSE HS English Suggestion 2022 

H.S 2022 English Suggestion [Writing Skill] 

We may change or add a few topics before appearing the exam H.S 2022 English Suggestion 

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