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Your favorite hobby Letter writing 

Write a letter to your friend about your favorite hobby.


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May 20, 2019

Dear Arindam,

                      Your sweet note is just to my hand. I was in the garden then. Your letter gives me limitless joy. You have wanted to know about my favorite hobby. You know that trees, flowers are my favorite and have not seen my garden but you may imagine it as I describe it briefly in the following few lines. We had a small-sized plot of land in front of our house. You have seen it but now it has been transformed into a flower garden. Some saplings of the flower have been planted by me. I work in the garden in the morning and water the trees daily afternoon. When I feel tired of study, I sit in the garden for watching the flowers and twigs which dance in the wind.your favorite hobby

They give me limitless joy.  People who pass by my garden stop and watch the beauty of the garden. Many small insects like bees, butterflies, and small birds come to my garden. Not only flower trees but also fruit trees are available in my garden. Everybody praises me for the garden. Fresh air refreshes my mind. Working in the garden is a good physical exercise. It removes mental pressure from my mind. My garden is a source of joy and pleasure.

                     I invite you to my house in order to visit the beauty of my garden. Please let me know about your favorite hobby. Accept my love and good wishes and convey my regards to your parents.

Arindam Chaki                                                                        yours lovingly

Hobigang                                                                                 Depanjan Majhi


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