Letter about a habit of morning walk

Digital English has presented a letter-writing advising your friend about making a habit of morning walk. This is for the students and the teachers who are engaged in education. At first, I have written the question. I hope you may get the same question on the question paper in the exam hall.

Question: Write a letter to your friend advising him to make a habit of morning walk regularly.

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12 B.J Road

Mokdumpur, Malda

Sept 10, 2019

Dear Ramen,

Uncle has told me that you are a late riser. Late rising is a bad habit and is not good for health. You remember “Health is wealth”. You will get a lot of time to walk in the morning to study and prepare the home tasks if you get up in the early morning. Walking is one of the best and easiest exercises. In the morning we get fresh air that refreshes our minds. Besides the sunshine in the morning has a good effect on the body and the mind.

Walking in the morning gives us the chance to enjoy the greenness and beauty of nature and see different kinds of birds and hear their songs which give us limitless joy. Our sound mind depends on our sound or a healthy body.  So I advise you to get up from the bed and walk daily in the early morning.

I hope you will follow my advice and make a habit of walking in the morning. Accept my good wishes and convey my regards to your parents.

yours loving friend

Tanmoy Jha

Ramen Dey                                                               

08/3 college street                                                       


I hope you have got the right information and idea of letter writing on a habit of morning walk.

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