letter to your brother about using a good English dictionary

Digital English has presented a letter-writing advising your younger brother about using a good English dictionary. This is for the students and the teachers who are engaged in education. At first, I have written the question. I hope you may get a question on the question paper like this type in the exam hall.

Question: Write a letter to your younger brother advising him to use a good English dictionary.

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September 10, 2019

My dear Partha,

Father has told me that you have done well in the unit test examinations.  But the only subject you ate weak in English. To learn English properly you must read English grammar, English short storybooks, newspapers magazines, etc. at the same time, you must use SAMSAD ENGLISH BENGALI DICTIONARY by Sailandra Biswas. You will find the dictionary o the shelf of our bookcase. This is a gem dictionary. It has a number of functions. Not only helps the learner to know the meaning of words but also to use the appropriate application through sentences.

Lastly, the Appendix at the end of the dictionary will provide the readers with a lot of information about many unknown things and subjects. You should start using this wonderful dictionary without further delay.

I hope you will start using a dictionary to be good at English very soon. More about this when I will go home.

yours affectionately

Elder brother

Partha Kumar Singh

Bulbul chandi



I hope you have got the right information and idea of letter writing on using a good English dictionary.

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