H.S English Suggestion 2021

H.S English Suggestion  2021 for Final Exam WBCHSE

H.S English Suggestion 2021

Welcome my dear students to my digitalenglish blog. Your final English exam is going to be held on 17 June 2021. So I have prepared a suggestion for the prose section. I have given some important questions as well as every year. In the exam hall, I hope you will get the questions on the question paper from my teaching experience for ten years long time.  All the students know that your syllabus has been reduced due to the global covid pandemic. Therefore I have increases the number of the question in the suggestion.

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The cost of this suggestion is free. You should know the important information related to WBCHSE reduced syllabus, exam date, and marks division.

The Date of English Exam 2021 [WBCHSE]

WBCHSE had published a new routine due to the pandemic covid-19. According to this routine, the second language (English) will be held on 17 June 2021. The examination will start at 10:00 am and continue up to 01:15 pm. Full marks in English Subject is 100. The marks have been divided into some categories. 80 marks are for the written examination. 20 marks are for the project work. Extra optional questions are in all categories.

WBCHSE H.S English Suggestion  2021/ English Reduced Syllabus

WBCHSE has published a reduced syllabus owing to pandemic coronavirus. The reduced syllabus is the following.

Prose: The Eyes Have It, Strong Roots, Three Questions

Poem: Asleep in the Valley, Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day, The Poetry of Earth

Drama: The Proposal

Written 80 marks have been distributed among several sections. You can follow to know marks division.

Prose                                                                               20

Poem                                                                              20

Drama                                                                             10

Textual grammar                                                            10

Writing skill                                                                    10

H.S English Suggestion 2021 [PROSE]

The Eyes Have It

Question: Describe the scene of Mussoorie in October. [V.V.I]

Question: Justify the title the eyes have it [V.V.I]

Question: Sketch the character of the narrator. [V.V.I]

Question: Sketch the character of the girl. [V.V.I]

Question: “She had beautiful eyes, but they’re of no use to her”—— Whose eyes are mentioned here? Why were the eyes useless to her? Bring out the irony of the situation. [V.V.I]**

Question: “That always happens”——– who said this and to whom? What was the context? Comment on the irony situation.  [V.V.I]

Question: “You are very gallant young man.” ——— who said this and whom? Why does she say so?

Question: “Few girls can resist flattery”——— who opines this? What was the flattery? How far is this generalized observation acceptable?  [V.V.I]

Question: “You have an interesting face” ——– who remarked this and about whom? What was the speaker’s own view on this comment? What was the reaction of the very person about whom the comment had been made?

Question: How was a game of deception played between the narrator and the girl?

Question: “Then I made a mistake.” ——- Whose mistake is referred to here? What was the mistake? Was it really a mistake? What removed the speaker’s doubts? What did the speaker do then?*


 But her next question removed my doubts.  Who does ‘her’ refer to? What doubts did the narrator have? How did the question remove the doubts?  [V.V.I]

Question: “Oh, how lucky you are.”——— Who said this? Who is “You” here? Why is the person spoken to call lucky?

Another Prose and H.S English Suggestion 2021

Three Questions

Question: Sketch the character of the hermit. [V.V.I]

Question: Sketch the character of the Tsar. [V.V.I]

Question: Wounded man episode [V.V.I]

Question: Justify the title of the story three questions. [V.V.I]

Question: What were the answers to the three questions? [V.V.I]

Question: How did the learned man answer the three questions? [V.V.I]

Question: “Here comes someone running.” —– Who is the speaker? Who was coming from where? Why did he come running? What happened to the person spoken of?  [V.V.I]

Question: Now restart a while and let me wark a bit.

Question: “You have already been answered.” ——- Who said this to whom? When did the speaker say this? How did the speaker explain the answer? [V.V.I]

Question: “Forgive me,” said the bearded man ——- who was the bearded man? Whom did he say this to and when? Why did he ask for the Tsar’s forgiveness?  **

Question: “You don’t know me but I know you.” ——– [V.V.I]

The star mark questions are very important for H.S English Suggestion  2021

Strong Roots

Question: Sketch the character of Jainulabdeen. [V.V.I]

Question: Justify the title of strong roots. [V.V.I]**

Question: What did Kalam learn from his father?

Question: “This is not a correct approach at all and should never be followed.” —– From which text is this extract taken? Who said this and in what context taken? Who said this and what context is it said? Which approach is not a correct approach? According to the speaker, what is a correct approach? [V.V.I]**

Question: One must understand the difference between a fear-ridden vision of destiny and the vision that enables us to seek the enemy of fulfillment within ourselves. Who is the speaker and to whom does he speak to what does the speaker mean by the above extract?

Question: “Adversity always presents the opportunities for introspection.” —— Who says this and to whom? What is adversity? How, according to the speaker does it help in introspection? How far was kalam impressed by that?    [V.V.I]

Question: “One of the most vivid memories of my early childhood is of the two men.” —— Who is the speaker? Who were the two men referred to here? What was the relationship between the two men? What did the speaker remember about them?

Question: “Whenever they are in trouble they look for someone to help them.” ——– Who said this and to whom? Who are ‘they’? Explain the statement. [V.V.I]

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