Active Voice with Phrasal Verb 15+ Example

Active Voice with Phrasal Verb [Voice Change]

Active Voice with Phrasal Verb or Group Verb

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What is a phrasal verb?

A phrasal verb is a combination of a verb and one or more prepositions. The defining characteristic of a phrasal verb is its specialized meaning; it is not a simple union of the verb and the preposition. There are so many phrasal verbs in English grammar that we cannot finish by counting.

Look down upon

Put up with

Break down

Call in

Bring up

All the basic rules of voice change are followed when we change active voice with phrasal verb into passive voice. Only we should remember that the prepositions with the verb are not rejected or changed their place.

Active Voice with Phrasal Verb
Active Voice with Phrasal Verb

For Example

Active: We should not look down upon the poor.

Passive: The poor should not be looked down upon by us.

Here “Look down upon” is a phrasal verb or group verb in an active sentence. If you look at the phrasal verb, you will find prepositions with verbs like down and upon. The place of the preposition is not changed or rejected.

15+ Examples of Voice Change with Group Verb

Active: The boy laughed at the bagger.

Passive: The bagger was laughed at by the boy.

Active: She spoke to me.

Passive: I was spoken to by her.

Active: Call in the doctor.

Passive: Let the doctor be called in.

Active: The bus ran over a dog.

Passive: A dog was run over by the bus.

Active: I send for the doctor.

Passive: The doctor is sent for by me.

Active: The man was laughing at the bagger.

Passive: The bagger was being laughed at the man.

Active: The guest was knocking at the door.

Passive: The door was being knocked at by the guest.

Active: I agreed to this proposal.

Passive: This proposal was agreed to by me.

Active: You should listen to your parents.

Passive: Your parents should be listened to by you.

Active: I helped out my colleague.

Passive: My colleague was helped out by me.

Voice Change by Digital English

Active: Look up the issue on the internet.

Passive: Let the issue be looked up on the internet.

Active: I turned down the offer.

Passive: The offer was turned down by me.

Active: She will pick up her sister from the station.

Passive: Her sister will be picked up from the station by her.

Active: I added up the numbers.

Passive: The numbers were added up by me.

Active: We talked over our new plans.

Passive: Our new plans were talked over by us.

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