Active Voice with Two Objects 30+ Examples

Active Voice with Two Objects [Voice Change]

We get sometimes two objects in a sentence of active voice. But most of the students get nervous and they cannot understand which object they will write first in passive voice. I hope you will easily understand the matter if you read the examples.

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Active Voice with Two Objects
Active Voice with Two Objects

Rule of Voice Change Active to Passive

  • Object (Living or nonliving)
  • Helping Verb (Tense wise)
  • Past Participle Form of Verb (V3)
  • Object (Living or nonliving)
  • By Preposition
  • Subject

30+ Examples of Voice Change

Active: He gave me a book.

Passive: A book was given me by him. / I was given a book by him.

Active: Biplab teaches us English.

Passive: English is taught us by Biplab./ We are taught English by Biplab.

Active: My mother told us the story.

Passive: We were told the story by my mother.

Active: He asked me my name.

Passive: My name was asked me by him.

Active: Ramesh gives Sunita a good book.

Passive: Sunita is given a good book by Ramesh.

Active: Her uncle taught us English.

Passive: English was taught us by her uncle.

Active: The police gave the thief a good kick.

Passive: The thief was given a good kick by the police.

Active: She lent me her mobile phone.

Passive: Her mobile phone was let me by her.

Active: You gave me a great surprise.

Passive: I was given a great surprise by you.

Active: Our teacher taught us Sanskrit.

Passive: We were taught Sanskrit by our teacher.

Active: He gave me a laptop.

Passive: A laptop was given me by him.

Active: She will tell me the secret.

Passive: I shall be told the secret by her.

Active: The man asked her his address.

Passive: His address was asked by the man.

Active: He will lend you some money.

Passive: Some money will be lent you by him.

Active: Her uncle gave her a toy on her birthday.

Passive: She was given a toy on her birthday by her uncle.

Active: My father taught me English grammar.

Passive: English grammar was taught me by my father.

Active: My friend lent you his note book.

Passive: You were lent his note book by my friend.


Voice Change By Digital English

Active: I handed him the mobile phone.

Passive: The mobile phone was handed him by me.

Active: The gentleman gave him a lift on his new motorbike.

Passive: He was given a lift on his new motorbike by the gentleman.

Active: His brother sent me a mail.

Passive: I was sent a mail by his brother.

Active: I will send her a parcel.

Passive: A parcel will be sent her by me.

Active: You can tell me your problem.

Passive: Your problem can be told me by you.

Active: I can show you a path.

Passive: You can be shown a path by me.

Active: She offered me a cup of tea.

Passive: A cup of tea was offered me by her.

Active: They asked me many questions in the interview.

Passive: Many questions in the interview were asked me by them.

Active: The priest used to teach us Sanskrit daily.

Passive: Sanskrit used to be taught us by the priest daily.

Active: Our teacher has sent us a message in our whats app group.

Passive: We have been sent a message in our whats app group by our teacher.

Active: Her mother gave me a glass of water.

Passive: A glass of water was given me by her mother.

Active: Rupali offered me a cup of coffee.

Passive: I was offered a cup of coffee by Rupali.

Active: I reminded him the incident.

Passive: He was reminded the incident by me.

Active: The teacher offered the children sweets.

Passive: Sweets were offered the children by the teacher.

Active: She lends me her laptop.

Passive: I am lent her laptop by her.

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