Madhyamik English Suggestion 2022

WBBSE English Suggestion 2022 

Madhyamik English Suggestion 2022 is published for the students of class ten so that they can prepare for the coming WBBSE exam very soon.

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Madhyamik English Suggestion 2022
Madhyamik English Suggestion 2022

They can download the “Madhyamik English Suggestion 2022”. Nowadays suggestion is very popular among the students. It has a great role for the home tutor.

Date of English Exam [Madhyamik 2021]

Every year WBBSE publishes a routine of next year’s final exam after over the running exam. But this year the authority has not announced any routine due to the world web covid-19 pandemic and canceled the 2021 exam. As soon as we will get the updated news, we will inform you in our social media Facebook group.

Exam Place/Centre

Most of the students are very curious to know their exam center after the test exam. But it is not possible. As the school on which the responsibility is given, fixes the school. It sends the news to all the schools before ten to fifteen days.

Madhyamik 2022 English Syllabus & Important Topics

The syllabus of WBBSE is very simple. The students of 2022 have to read more than the students of previous years. As the exam of 2022 has been canceled, the students should study the complete syllabus.

Four prose

1.    Father’s Help

2.    The Passing Away of Bapu

3.    Our Runaway Kite

4.    The Cat

Four Poems

1.    Fable

2.    My Own True family

3.    Sea Fever

4.    The Snail

Writing Section:

  • Paragraph

  • Report

  • Letter

  • Notice

  • Processing

  • Biography

  • Story

  • Dialogue

  • Summary

Grammar Section

Article, preposition, tenses, phrasal verbs, joining sentences, splitting sentences, voice change, narration change,

Transformation of sentences [degree change, simple-compound-complex, change in part of speech, the transformation of types of sentences, assertive, interrogative, optative, exclamatory.]

Question Pattern


Prose: 1X5= 5, 1X3= 3, 2X2=4

Poem: 1X4= 4, 2X2=4

Unseen: 1X6=6, 1X6=6, 2X4=8

Writing: 10X3= 30

Marks Distribution

The total number of marks for the English subject is 100. But those marks have been divided into two parts as written (90) and project (10).

Written section

Twenty marks are for Seen.

20 marks are for Unseen.

20 marks are for grammar.

30 marks are for writing.

WBBSE Madhyamik English Suggestion 2022

Paragraph Writing

  • Advantage and disadvantage of social media
  • Importance of early rising
  • Save drinking water
  • Your favorite person Click here
  • Black jungles Click here
  • Your last day at school
  • Discipline in student life
  • Merits and demerits of online education

 Report Writing

  • Bus/Train/ accident/Fire/Robbery Format Click here
  • Celebration/Programme report format Click here
  • The super cyclone (Yass)

Letter Writing

  • To your friend about your experience of lockdown.
  • To be warned in the Covid-19 pandemic situation Click here
  • Write a letter to your friend advising him not to be addicted to online games.
  • To your brother advising him to read English newspaper. 
  • Letter to the head of your institution to arrange special classes
  • Prayer for permission to organize a cultural programme

Notice Writing

Processing Writing

  • How the sanitizer is made
  • The processing of the mask
  • Sending a message from a mobile phone
  • Preparation of Phenyl

Biography Writing

  • Shankha Ghosh
  • V. Sindhu
  • Soumitra Chatterjee
  • Milkha Singh

 Story Writing

  1. The monkey and the cap seller Click here
  2. A clever judge
  3. A lion and a little rabbit Click here

Dialogue Writing

  1. Between two friends about the advantages and disadvantages of lockdown 
  2. Dialogue between two persons about the high price of essential commodities.
  3. Student and teacher about learning English or spoken English.

Summary Writing

Practice from the question bank or test paper.

How to get high marks in Madhyamk in English

Most of the students want to get high marks in the exam. But all of them do not achieve good marks. There are some secret tips behind getting a high score. If you want to make a good result in WBBSE, you must have to know the rules and maintain them. Click here

Important notes of the students

Most of the students think the suggestions mean the same questions which are given on the question paper in the exam hall. But this concept is totally wrong. Suggestions refer to the experience of a teacher about question patterns and the possibility of the question of outcome question papers. That is why we suggest you go through the textbooks carefully and follow the question patterns of the previous years.  You can join our Telegram Channel and follow our Facebook Page for the latest updates.

 You can comment below about Madhyamik English Suggestion 2022 if you have any questions. We are waiting for your positive response.

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