English Poem Suggestion 2021

WBCHSE English Poem Suggestion 2021

H.S English Poem Suggestion 2021

Welcome my dear students to my digital English blog. Hello, my dear students I have prepared a suggestion for the poem as your final exam is not so long. WBCHSE has reduced your syllabus and postponed the exam date due to the global covid pandemic situation. Therefore I have increased the number of the question in the suggestion. I have given some important questions as well as every year. From my teaching experience for ten years long time, I hope you will get the questions on the question paper in the exam hall.

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The Poetry of Earth

Question: Write the substance/ theme /gist of the poem the poetry of Earth. [V.V.I]*

Question: The poetry of earth is never dead. Or The poetry of earth is ceasing never.

Question: Picture of summer and winter [V.V.I]

Question: Poet’s attitude towards nature

Question: Assess the poetry of earth as a Sonnet. [V.V.I]

Question: “A voice will run” —- Whose voice is referred to here? Where will the voice run? How will the voice help to keep the poetry of earth alive? [V.V.I]*

 Question: “He takes the lead” —- Who takes the lead and when? How does he take the lead? [V.V.I]

Question: “He has never done with his delight.” Where does the line occur?  Who is referred to as ‘he’?  Give an account of his delight. 

Question: “He rests at ease”—- Who is referred to as ‘he’? Where does he rest and when? How does he contribute to the poetry of earth?

Question: “…..when the frost has wrought a silence”———- Where does the line occur? When does the frost create silence and how? What happens then?  [V.V.I]**

Question: “When all birds are faint” ——— Why are all birds faint? What do the birds do? Who takes up the role of the birds and how?  [V.V.I]

Question: How does keat establish continuity through these voices?

Question: “And seems to one in drowsiness half lost” —— Where does the line occur? What makes him half lost in drowsiness? What seems to him and when?

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Asleep in the valley

Question: Write the substance/ theme /gist of the poem “Asleep in the Valley”. [V.V.I]*

Question:  Bring out the significance of the title “Asleep in the Valley”. [V.V.I]**

Question:  Attitude to war/video of war/ tragedy of war/ anti-war poem [V.V.I]

Question:  Picture of sleeping Soldier [V.V.I]

Question: Description of the beauty of the valley

Question: Central idea

Question: Rimbaud’s treatment of nature [V.V.I]

Question: “Ah, Nature keeps him warm” ——– Who is referred to as ‘him’? Why does the poet ask nature to keep him warm? Bring out the irony hidden in the imploration.   [V.V.I]

Question: “In his side, there are two red holes.” ——— Who is referred to as ‘his’? What do the two red holes stand for? How is the pity of war reflected through this at the end?

Question: “They fill the hollow full of light.” ——- What is the ‘hallow’ referred to in the line? How does the hollow look? Who is lying in the hollow? How is he lying there?

V.V.I mark questions are very important English Poem Suggestion  for 2021

Shall I compare Thee?

Question: Write the substance/ theme /gist of the poem “Shall I Compare Thee”. [V.V.I]*

Question: Bring out the significance of the title “Shall I compare Thee”. [V.V.I]**

Question: Central idea

Question: “Nor shall death barge thou wand’rest in his shade”- home does the poet address? Why does death brag?  Why is the poet sure of that/ what gives the poet such conviction? [V.V.I]

Question: “So long lives this and this gives life to thee” What is referred to by this? Who is referred to by thee? How will this give him life? [V.V.I]

Question: What are the striking qualities of the poet friend? [V.V.I]

Question: How does the poet describe a summer’s day?

Question: “Sometimes too hot the eye of heaven shines”

What does the “eye of heaven” refer to? How does “every fair” decline from fair? How does the poet convince that his friend’s eternal summer shall never fade? [V.V.I]

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