H.S Last Minute Suggestion 2021 [English Writing]

H.S English Writing Skill Last Minute Suggestion 2021 for annual Exam WBCHSE

Last Minute Suggestion 2021,

Only ten marks are for writing skills. The report, letter, and précis writing are in the writing section. But the students have to give an answer to only one question from that three parts.  There are various kinds of letter writing. But editor letter, letter to headmaster, business letter, complaint letter, and banking letter are included. The students should read, follow and practice the letter for the 2021 English exam.

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WBCHSE English Reduced Syllabus

WBCHSE has published a reduced syllabus owing to global pandemic coronavirus. The reduced syllabus is the following.

If you do not know the news and syllabus you can read and get the information. Click here………….

The Date of English Exam 2021

WBCHSE had published a new routine due to pandemic covid-19. According to this routine, the second language (English) will be held on 17 June 2021. The examination will start at 10:00 am and continue up to 01:15 pm.

H.S English Writing Skills Last Minute Suggestion 2021

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Question: Seminar on novel coronavirus awareness

Question: The Pandemic Novel Coronavirus click here for the answer…..

Question: Celebrating the 125 birth of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

Question: Firecracker banned click here for the answer………

Question: Blood donation camp

Question: Swachh Bharat Abhiyan /Nirmal Bangla Abhiyan

Question: Programme/ Celebration/ Function report writing format Click here for answer………


Question: Editorial letter format Click here for answer ………

Question: Removal of garbage from your locality

Question: Accident caused by talking over phone

Question: Concern about covid-19

Question: Online classes for the school students

Question: Price rise of essential commodities


Question: Letter to the O.C of your local police station lost your mobile phone

BANK Letter

Question: Letter to the bank manager to open a savings account

Question: Application for educational loan


Question: Write an application to the headmaster to request for reference books in your school library. Click here for the answer ………

Question: Application to the headmaster/ headmistress writing format Click here for answer …………..

Writing Skill Suggestion 2021

I hope this Last Minute Suggestion 2021 will help you richly and you will get an idea on writing skill suggestions.

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