Write an application to the Municipality Chairman for drinking water


The Chairman

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[Englishbazar Municipality]


Sub: [Request for a tank of 500 gallon drinking water.]


With due respect, I beg to state that I am [Prakash Saha]. My father’s name is [Mantu Saha]. I am a resident of [Raipur, Makdumpur under English Bazar Municipality].  A tank of [500] gallon drinking water is needed for the purpose of my marriage ceremony on [26th ] February [Wednesday].

Therefore I request you kindly to arrange a tank of [ 500 ] galloon drinking water so that I could make[ the weeding ceremony ] successful.

Thanking you

Date- 19/02/2020                                                                       Yours faithfully

Place- Raipur (Harimela), Malda                                            Praksh Saha

Mb No: 9647313767

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