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write a letter to your friendAt first, I have written a question related the topic. You may get such types of questions on the question paper. After that, you will get some points. The points will help you to write the letter. Then the letter has been written and you can read it.  If you go through the post, I am sure that you will get the right information.  

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Question: Write a letter to your best friend advising him to be aware of the several abuses of mobile phones.

You may use the following points:

[Great invention of science – but has many negative sides – over use and misuse – effect upon the uses health – used to blackmail – careless used while crossing roads and railways cause accidents – your advice to him]

Radha nagar


July 21,2019


My dear Dinesh,

                   I received your letter yesterday. I am very glad to hear that you have bought a new Android mobile phone. The mobile phone is a great invention of science but it has many negative sites. I think you should be aware of using and misuse of mobile phones. Using excessive mobile phone effects open the user’s health especially on eyes make and Braille. It’s a very popular element with which criminals are used to blackmailing. It happens accident when the users use age carelessly at the time of crossing roads and railways. Besides those, online games are harming the studies of the students. That’s why I am informing you to be warned of the misuse.

                       I hope you will be warn and taking the advantage of mobile phone using in the right place. No more today. Please convey my best regards and wishes to your parents. Let me know your new experience of using the mobile phone. I will be waiting for your letter anxiously.

Rahul Chakrborti                                                                            yours affectionately

Damodor pur                                                                                     Elder brother

Cooch Behar


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