Joining of sentences using adverbs

Joining sentences with adverbs is very easy. There are some rules for joining sentences. I have mentioned the rules and given some examples of joining sentences below.

If we ask the question “VERB” with “How”, the answer will be ADVERB.

And joining is done by putting that Adverb in the right place in a sentence.

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Example of joining using adverb:

# The horse is running. It is running fast.

The horse is running fast. 

If you notice the example, you will find the adverb “fast”. The adverb has been placed in the right place in a sentence.

More example of joining using adverb:

#I could not pass the exam. It was unfortunate.

Unfortunately I could not pass the exam.

# Rambabu is honest. There is no doubt.

Undoubtedly Rambabu is an honest man.

# He spent all his money.

That was foolish. He spent foolishly all his money.

# He neglected his studies. This is deliberate.

Deliberately he neglected his studies.

# The train is late. That is usual.

The train is usually late.

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