Lockdown and Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Lockdown is a recent topic.  It has been announced throughout the world. So it is a very important topic for the exam. At first, I have written the question relevant to the topic. You may get it on the question paper in the exam hall.

Lockdown and Its Advantage and Disadvantages

Question: Write a paragraph on the Lockdown and its advantages and disadvantages within 275 words. 

Lockdown and Its Advantage and Disadvantages

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The literal meaning of lockdown is to lock up. “Lockdown” is the act of controlling the entry and exit of the public to a specific area in case of emergency protection. Coronavirus infections are on the rise around the world. In India lockdown was announced on23 March 2020 by our honorable P.M, Narendra Modi.

It has many disadvantages. School, college, government – public office remain closed in this period. But some essential services like hospitals- nursing homes, grocery shops, medical stores, vegetable- food markets, and so on remain opened obeying the rules. The country’s economic situation begins to decline. The communication system stops. Ordinary people find it difficult to survive.

There are many advantages as well as disadvantages. There are opportunities to spend time together with family, eat, talk, play games in the house, etc. It can prevent the speed of this epidemic infection until scientists can not invention the antidote to this disease. The number of patients gradually increases from before. In this long time, people get the opportunity to learn many new things. Now they can easily learn any subject alone through the internet. The government provides free food to the lower class people and some money is deposited in bank accounts. People make a habit of yoga, meditation, and exercise at home. Besides those, it affects nature. Pollution levels had dropped by about 50 percent since the nationwide lockdown was announced. Experts also lauded the way people had reduced the use of fireworks in Diwali in Corona.

Lockdown is very necessary to cope up with the global pandemic covid-19. So everybody should accept it and obey its rules.

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