Your Aim in Life Letter to Your Friend

Letter to Your Friend about Your Ambition

Your Aim in Life has been presented in the letter-writing. At first, I have written the question related to this topic.

your aim in life
Letter to your friend about your aim in life

You may get such types of questions in the question paper. Besides, you will get an idea about the question. The students of all classes may write this letter in the exam hall and write a unique letter on the topic. In the exam hall, most of the students write the answer being a doctor, teacher, engineer, and so on to this question. But this answer is a  common answer. So I have highlighted a different thought about your aim in life. But always remember a thing. When you will write the answer, the term “Your” will be “My”.

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Question: Write a letter to your friend telling him about your aim in life.

Ken pukur,

Hobipur, Malda

November 13, 2019

Dear Bapon,

                     I received your letter yesterday. I am very glad to know that all of your family members are well. It fills my heart with endless joy. You have wanted to know about my aim in life. I am quite happy to let you know of it in the following few lines. You know that the people of our vast village are deprived of education facilities. A huge number of boys and girls cannot present their talent in our society. People of the rural areas are not conscious of education. I believe that an honest teacher can play a significant role to remove the illiterate from our society. So I have made up my mind to overcome a teacher to serve rural children. I will make a team with few non-government teachers. This is my aim in life. If my aim to overcome a teacher is fulfilled, I will go from village to village to teach poor children free of fees and try my best to help them.

                  I hope you will appreciate my aim in life and inspire me to go ahead with the target of fulfilling it. Please accept my good wishes and convey my regards to your parents. I am waiting for a reply of appreciation and inspiration from you.

Bapon Rajbonshi                                                                      yours loving friend

Raypur                                                                                       Rana Mukharjee

English bazer


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